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The education has become much more accessible through the development of technology through the last 4 decades. It has given rise to new dimensions of education now students who cannot attend universities and colleges regularly can use the ventures such as virtual and distant education. The discovery of internet has been the biggest breakthrough in the history of development in technology. The internet has made it very easy for the students to access the books and articles published throughout the world. The access is made possible by the search Engines.

The Search Engines help you to locate the best results for the relevant issue you are looking for. Instead of opening and memorizing named of so many websites we can simple use a search engine to look for all the available options on the internet. The list of most frequently used search engines are discussed in this article.

  1.  Google Search

Google the most and widely used search engine it is one of the first search engines which were introduced. It has the highest rank with monthly 1.6 billion visitors.It has approx. 72 percent of world’d shares of share. It is mostly seen as the first preference of the students to reach their desired options. Google offers several other applications and uses with google mail, google plus , google maps and multiple others. Google offers another very efficient search engine known as the Google Scholar.

Google Scholar offers the most authentic and reliable works published by different scholars of the world. It has two major options the case studies and articles. Both of the actions are very helpful for the students especially in the fields of research and development.

  1. The Bing Search

The Bing is also a famous search Engine which allows the students and visitors to access the thousands of websites through it medium. It has more than 400 million visitors monthly. In many areas of the world Bing is considered as the most frequently used search Engine. The students can switch the search Engines in case they are unable to find suitable and desirable information. It is generally noticed that Bing provides better videos than Google search and it has twice as many auto search options than Google search.

  1. Yahoo Search

In 2011 Yahoo search was actually powered and initiated by Bing search Engine. Yahoo is considered as the oldest and most famous email provider. Where as many students prefer Yahoo search Engine as it is most easily accessible. This search engine is proved to be a good alternative of above mentioned search engines. The monthly visitors of Yahoo are increasing with time. Currently it has 300 million visitors monthly.

  1. The Ask

 Ask is rapidly growing search Engine in the race. The search Engine was previously known as Jeeves. It is considered more accurate on the format of questions and answers. At present is has 0.05 percent of search shares.  The Ask is not as good as the above mentioned search Engines but its reach is increasing with time. The current monthly visitors rest as 245 million which is not very far from Yahoo search.

All the search Engines have their own qualities but they serve for mainly one motive that is to provide the visitors with best options to avail maximum information. The visitors can and should switch to all the mentioned search engines for attaining unique information and a more variety of choices.

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