Top Highly Effective Study Tips

If you want to be a good student, they first learn how to study properly. If we see history we will find many study tips, but question arise what is best suitable for you. Which time will be effective for you? What is the best location for study? If you are finding answers of these question then you have to do some research work. You have to give time for this but gain lot of reward is shape of educational success.


When we learn something its goes first into our brain via neural trace. This tracing enter your sensory memory, if you give response, to STM short term memory. If you process and take these information permanently then it goes to LTM or long term memory. The information which enter into your LTM either it is important or not, it will not forget. This tip is for to transfer the information into LTM as soon as possible. STM has small capacity and its duration is very short, you may learn information quickly but in 24 hours almost 80 percent information is lost, but on the other hand LTM is slow but long term and effective.


he main key of learning is repetition, if you repeat same material again and again then chances of permanently storage increases. Remember first that you have to analyze of yourself which type of learner you are. Some of the most common learner types are; Haptic, Visual and Auditory. Commonly, most of us are the capability of combination of these all three. But more chances are we have to adjust us according to one or maximum two. Now we will describe each category, find yourself in which category you fall.

Haptic Learners:

Maligned division people fall into haptic learners’ category, these type of people cannot sit still. They have an environment around them like some music in background, playing television and finding themselves unfocussed. Teachers and parents are asking them to avoid this and focus on study but they are more traditional type people. Now the phase come don’t fight with your nature, assume the way find it that exactly works. Try to study physically, means do work in standing position, while on bike repeat the exercise and also while chew gum. Try color to find out point and highlight them, make color notes and put them around your table. Haptic people must make list of points which make hurdle for them, repeat the focus on creating notes again and again but remember give more concentration on this. If you want to play a background music while reading, just do it but your main focus must be on reading and make you dig in it. If you are going to start the project visualize completely first. Haptic peoples find visualization very helpful, this will give more productive, positive in your tasks.

Visual Learners:

earners from maps, charts, and graphics are fall in visual learners. People from this category, while in class when professor is speaking should take notes for detail discussion. When you start study do it alone, and recall and repeat all the notes of lecture via material on paper. If possible make drawing, charts and table for context for more learning. This category people have a big trouble while having a dialogue.

Auditory Leaners:

Its work the people best when they hear during class. Tips are for this read more, go through notes again and again and talk to yourself on important points. On the starting of reading point set some purpose of verbalized, after you have done read loudly your noted points. Record your points in some memory device as you are talking to someone as you are talking to your friend. This category people have trouble of keep column aligned, you have to try mathematics computation by hand of graph paper.


This is the ready and study technique most preferably by many educators. If you are reading research papers it represent that most effective for visualization and memory. It’s more effective system because it involves readers.

Step 1 "S": You have to explore and survey well before read a chapter or go through the notes means you have to survey what you are going to study. Just give fine minutes to this. Briefly read the heading and scan a visualized material. Read introduction and end material. This will tell you about what is chapter.

Step 2 "Q": If you are asking question about the material then it create interest in you. What chapter you are going to read, keep all the question in mind about that. This will give you clear purpose of reading and help in material.

Step 3 "R": Read the chapter meaning first. Go through the paragraph and underline and highlight all the key points. Be careful only highlight the most important points. Make the summary of all important points in your own style and make them memorize.

Step 4 "R": Keep recite the points which you have collected in step 3. After each 3 to 4 pages make repeat this process. If you are answering the question then verify them with the chapter text, if you forget the text then remember it again and again.

Step 5 "R": Finally review all the phases, check your highlights, crates points, recite phases, remove and rectify all you error again in review phase. If you repeat review phase again and again then your chapter will the error free and more productive.

In staring SQ3R is tough and lengthy process. But you have to repeat this method many time and make habit of this. After some time it will start reducing time and you will find yourself more product and gain good grades.

Note Taking Technique

If you want to involve in this technique then you have to give attention from your part. You mentally presence is required. All the points and complete lecture note down is not a good practice. Make a habit to make notes of most important parts of the lecture.

Study also requires good concentration and environment. We hope all above points will help you in study. Do good study and get better grades in class examinations.

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