Top 5 Social Media Trends

By Zahra Ishaq

Social media is growing rapidly day by day. It provides people with a domain where they can easily share their ideas and thoughts with friends and family. They can also share their photos and videos on the platform of social media and can get the opportunity to expand their businesses/brands.

If you want to expand your business/brand, you need to learn how to properly influence these platforms to your advantage. For the survival of social media, you need to remain active on social media.

Nowadays, marketing and social media go hand in hand. If you are utilizing a platform for expanding your business, you need to become the topmost social media active figure.

1.         Live video continues to prosper

Live videos are continuously flourishing since 2017. People prefer to watch live videos instead of reading blog posts or long boring articles. However, most of the brands are using videos for their advertisements on social media. According to data research, more than 82% of the audience likes to watch live videos.

2.        Chatbots are acceding

Internet Chatbots are acceding very quickly in the world of social media. Businesses and brands are expanding their business via chatbots. They use chatbots to interact with their customers on social media.

For example, you can have a look at how Pizza Hut uses chatbots to facilitate the customers to order food through social media.

According to an estimation, chatbots save businesses in the healthcare and banking industries a whopping $8 billion every year by the year 2022.

3.        Influencer marketing is growing

Influencer marketing is growing nowadays at a rapid speed. Micro-influencers are the users on social media channels who have a strong followers but they do not possess a celebrity status.

A data tells us that micro-influencers have sixty per cent higher engagement rates than typical celebrity influencers. It increases the average rate on every week.

Influencers marketing are trustworthy and cost-effective as compared to other advertising expenses.  So do not be reluctant to spend money on influencer marketing.

4.        Take advantage of paid advertisements

Successful brands are taking advantages of paid advertisements on social media. As they know that being active on social media is mandatory for the survival of social media. However, they pay for advertisement to bring their business to a higher level. 

Facebook and Instagram are boosting up advertisements and it is easy for the users to set their budget. It can be potential for brands to handle their budgets based on the lifetime of each ad.

5.        Social snoop

For your information, I want to tell you that social platforms are snooping to your communications. Whatever you talk to your friends, you can see an advertisement for it on the platform of social media.

Sprout Social provides social listening tools to assist brands analyze various audiences. With the use of relevant keywords or hashtags, you can get more followers on your account for the promotion of your brand. In this way, you can get a targeted audience.

To conclude my article, I would like to inform you that the developments in social media are ever-changing. So you must keep in touch with new developments in social media



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