Top 5 People with the Highest IQ in the History of Mankind

There have been wonderful people with a huge amount of intelligence around the globe. These people have not only proved themselves in their respective fields but they also have played a key role in changing the world.

Here are top ten persons in the history with the highest IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

William James Sidis (IQ Level- 250-300)

Having distinguished mathematical abilities, Sidis went to a grammar school at 6 and had graduated in 7 months. He went to attend Harvard at 11 and could speak around 40 languages. He was threatened by his fellow and after that he abandoned everything and started teaching but left this job as well and started a career in politics.

Terence Tao (IQ Level- 225-230)

Tao was only 2 when he taught arithmetic to a 5 years old kid. At 9, he attended mathematic courses of university level and attended Research Science Institute at 14. Tao earned his Bachelors and Masters degree when he was only 16. The more surprising fact about Tao is that he got his Doctorate degree at such a young age of 20.

Christopher Hirata (IQ Level- 225)

Hirata had already completed his college courses when he was only 12 and was working on a project with NASA at the young age of 16. He won a gold medal in International Science Olympiad when he was only 13. Hirata started taking his Ph.D. classes in astrophysics when he was only 18 years old.

Kim Ung-Yong (IQ Level- 210)

Unlike other kids of his age, Kim Ung-Yong could speak fluently at the age of just six months and attended Hanyang University as a guest student at the age of 3. He was just 4 when he wrote poetry and short stories. Kim Ung-Yong left NASA when he was 16 and get himself enrolled in PhD in civil engineering. Chungbuk National University is his current destination because he is serving as a faculty member at the university.

Christopher Michael Langan (IQ Level- 195)

Christopher Michael Langan is been told as the “smartest man in America”. Just like Kim Ung-Yong, this man also started talking when he was just 6 months old. Langan was so much genius that he started self teaching at the age of three and was promoted at the school many classes. Montana University dropped Langan out with a statement that he could teach his teachers more than the teachers could teach him. Isn’t it interesting?

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