Tips to Prepare the Current Affairs Examination

The phenomenon of Globalization has turned the world into Global village a small incident at one place of the world leaves an impact through the states of the world. 9/11 was one such event that changed the complete dynamics of the world. Every day events occur at local, national and international levels, it is very difficult to keep an eye on each and every happening around the world so how to prepare for the exam of current affairs?  The subject has very vast course to cover in one go, it is almost impossible. The Tips will help you manage the course and events for preparing for your Exam.

  1. The CNN Impact:

The international channels such as CNN, BBC and Aljazeera are the most widely watched channels that have international approach. So watch the at least one news bulletin and one talk show of any of these channels. These channels target the issues that are most impactful and affecting the world dynamics ignoring the unimportant news. Make a habit of listening to these channels. Listening plays a crucial role in the process of learning. You can always think of events you have watched and heard to be quoted as examples in your written examination. The talk shows will also help you understand that why certain issue is an important current affair.

  1. The Background

Once it is established that which affairs are playing the most crucial role in shaping the world dynamics and political scenario you must understand the issue completely. The civil war in Syria had become a concern about the world but what is the issue, how it started, why it has started must be very clear to you. So use the text books to understand the background and underlying causes that have resulted in the current scenario. Without the complete knowledge of the issue you cannot attempt any question about the current affair you have been asked for.

  1. The Magazines

The Magazines published by renowned academies and institutes can actually be very helpful for you to prepare for your examination. The magazines are mostly published on monthly basis. It includes all the major events occurred in a month. The magazines can be taken as a syllabus for your examination. There details about the issue are explained in forms of small articles that are easy to grasp and understand. You can use these monthly Magazines as your bed book as well so that you can study one article each night before you sleep and work further on the issue in the morning. The magazines published by World Times academy are widely used by the students preparing for CSS examination.

  1. Time Management

The Time Management is one of the most important things that you need to practice when you are preparing for your examination. It is obvious that you also have other subjects to prepare for so divide your time accordingly. You can utilize the time in which you are eating food and travelling by listening to News and talk shows on your dinner table and read magazine when you are on your way to academy, work or home.





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