Worried about MDCAT 2017? Tips to get high marks in MDCAT 2017

Maidah Hussain
Does MDCAT haunt you? huh? Well yes, ghosts are born to haunt! but have you ever heard that “there is always success after the fear” so, my dears fear not from fear, catch up right here! Yes, it is quite natural to stress out for exams and it is as important as food for body, oxygen for life; without stress your sympathetic system is not going to be activated enough to become a superman or to scramble the colossal buildings. Science proves that stress is important for a person within defined limits. So the first step to BANG this MDCAT is to be as cool as ice and as hot as magma. Yes, my dear fellows you’re going to do the most important part of your student life, the part for your whole LIFE depends upon! 
Step 1:
Let me clear you about a myth that everyone practices “MDCAT is very difficult and only the toppers can ace it”. Let me make it crystal clear that this is a mere fabrication, just because the fox can’t reach the grapes doesn’t mean they are actually sour! Seriously! when I was preparing for it, my seniors and even teachers use to preach this very idea of toil as if it were a task of angels and average people can’t do it. Let us share a statistical approach, the biggest number of students who actually make it, are not the toppers, not the gold medalists; they are average students who were mediocre during school. So, if people think you can’t and even you, yourself think that, then take it as a challenge and prove the stereotype wrong. This motivation is step 1 to glory and is the most important building step. 
Step 2:
This step is all about studying. Everyone knows, but what a lot of strugglers don’t know is how to study? most of the students just go to the readymade notes from academies and other sources. This is not going to help you until you study the standard TEXT BOOKS. Consider them as hadith and believe each and every word as absolute. Well, yes cramming with concept hybrid is the key point to bang MDCAT
Step 3:
Go with the skimming technique. Skim important points, formulas and short mnemonics and write down on a separate note book chapter wise. Focus on chapters you’re weak in.be calm and relax! At the eleventh hour you would be left with very small stuff. Keep skimming and trimming it until the exam comes. keep in mind study SMART NOT HARD! Focus on the most marks giving subject.
Step 4:
Practice the MCQs from the books that come in shops to crack MDCAT or go to academies to have test sessions, but wait it’s just too mainstream. This is so time consuming and expensive, isn’t it? how about sitting in home and solve the original MDCAT questions at your very place? yes! this is possible internet gives you this opportunity absolutely free. 
Step 5:
REVISE! and revise as much as you can but not every mcq, not each page of your book. That skimmed notes that you made earlier for the preparation and that would be skinnier at the end and you have to study only that material and you’re done with the final preparation and hey, you’re done!!
Step 6:
Be confident! You should have that much confidence that you are going to ace this whatsoever! Come what may! you can do it and you will!!
I’ll let you guys know about the science of attempting the exam paper and the VERY SCIENCE OF EXAM HALL in my next blog post, I hope you’ll get maximum benefit from that.

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