Tips to attempt a question paper

Tips to attempt a question paper

When a candidate enters an examination hall he/she gets panic. Even if you are fully prepared. It's a psychological thing that behaviours and emotions depend upon the environment and it is really a very hard time for every candidate. As everyone has to pass through this situation and so I did. But what are the expert tips that can be hired by every candidate for attempting a question paper to get good marks?

1.     Do not get panic

2.     Read question paper carefully

3.     Write keywords on answer sheet

4.     Time management

5.     Solving a lengthy question

6.     Answering the questions

7.     Give headings (presentation)

8.     Revision

Here are the top most solutions that you should start your paper and take it to ending:

·        When examiner hands you a question paper you just get confused and sometimes traumatised to solve a paper. So, it should be cleared up in your mind that you have to get set and ready to be examined.

·        When you see a paper you sometimes become over confidential to attempt the paper and this leads you to disappointment. It can be furnished by maintaining self-made and read the question paper at least two times carefully. Solve the objective section carefully because in the board when you tick once on any option it cannot be changed again as cutting deduct your marks. As a student, you are a warrior in a battlefield where a single mark can light up your career.

·        During solving a question when your concepts are cleared, your brain works like a computer where you feel as if you are bestowed with a garden of the word. So take a time write those crumbling words in your head on the back side of the answer sheet with the heading of rough work so (it won’t include in your marks for deduction) later you can compile it with the belonging question.

·        Punctuality in everything matters a lot. Do wear watches when you go for the exam and divide the time on the worth of question you were doing.

·        Best way to solve a lengthy question is by giving heading, points or bullets don’t make it time-consuming give at least two examples and then move to the next question. If the question is worthy plus time consuming then do the other questions first which are less lengthy to worth lengthy one.

·        Don’t make a checker puzzled. Do every question in a row or sequence wise. Write question number with the part no. If there is less time or you want to save time.

·        The presentation of the paper from starting to end must be good. Simple as writing matters a lot.

·         Don’t do overwriting.

·        Highlight the eye catchy words.

·        Revise or go through your paper at least two to three times.

These all point help you to sort out the problems that you face while attempting the paper.


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