Tips for Scoring better in Exams







by Farzeen Amin 

Exam season is the most heated season in the entire year. Mostly students get puzzled during exams resulting in the bad grades. Some students complain that they work very hard but they are unable to get desired marks. There are 3 major areas where you can work to achieve higher grades.

  1. Time Management

Time Management is the most important thing to focus before you start your exam and while writing your examination paper. Take a deep breath and relax yourself before reading the question paper. Don’t forget to wear watch when you go to attempt an exam because it helps you to keep track of time. Read your question paper very carefully for  at least give it 10 minutes. Make a mind map. In these 10 minutes divided your exam time equally in all the questions.  Do not get puzzle if you don’t know answer of any 1 or 2 questions.

It is very important to keep your calm and take start with the easiest questions. You can write better answers for questions that you are better prepared for. Leave the difficult answers for the end. Do not give any question more time than you have planned. If you could not complete one answer on time leave it and jump on next question. Complete the answer of previous question if you get time in the end.

  1. Presentation

Presentation of your answers is very important. It is as important as the content written in it. if you have written an impressive piece of information by it is hard to read the imformation gets wasted away. Always leave some space on both sides of the page and write in the middle. Use prominent hand writing and give proper space between every word. This way it will be easier for the examiner to read your response clearly. Use your pencil to high light important words and points in the answers you have written. It always better to use markers for writing the headings of your answers. It is better to use more headings.


 Do not rush at your exam paper and give it proper timeNeat papers are always more attractive and they help you to secure better marks.

  1. Content

Third and most important point to work on in an exam is the content of your answers. Read your questions very carefully to understand what is actually being asked. Do not write extra information in the answer still to the facts or information that is required. The unnecessary lengths make your paper look out of context. Your exam paper looks impressive if you support your answers with the references from authentic books and writers. Do not quote line that does not go with your question because it will make your answer vague and unacceptable. To not use same words that you have read in your notes and books because it will make you look like a rot learner. Use your own words to describe your answer. Work on your vocabulary before exams so you can use better words while answering exam question.


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