Tips for Better Urdu Speaking

The children in Pakistan are born in a situation where they mostly learn the national language at home. All the new and advance schools in Pakistan have English as their medium of teaching. The only subjects these students get to study in Urdu language are either Islamiat and Urdu or most just Urdu. The Urdu learning becomes optional right after the college and it has almost no place in the higher studies at all unless you choose it as an optional and major subject.

The students are mostly criticized for not being able to fluently read, write and speak in Urdu language properly. The dilemma of the students rests with the education system and patterns of the country. Now there are numerous practical fields where you require good grasp over Urdu language, it is often faced by the students of mass communication who do not know proper language and words to be used. It is very usual that we hear different versions of our national language, the Punjabi mixed gulabi urdu, the Pakhtoon Urdu, the sindhi version of Urdu and the Nawabi version of Urdu. Although diversity makes it sound more interesting and people own their language in their own ways. The problem majorly lye for the people who want to get into a profession where you need to have complete grasp on the Language such as journalism.

The major issues with speaking and writing include, lack of vocabulary, pure accent, improper use of expressions. If you are also facing similar issues with your Urdu language, let’s work on the simple tips to get over the language barrier.

  1. Open your ears

To be able to learn any language the first step is to keep your ears open to the language. Urdu literature is one of the richest literatures. Numerous books of Urdu writers have been translated in various other languages such as Persian and English. You can watch old Pakistani TV programs. The more you will listen to the people who speak proper Urdu , it will introduce you to the new words and their proper accent. In this regard you can also watch the poetry programs “Mushairah” they are very interesting way to learn the different use of same words in a fascinating manner.

The interviews conducted and given by famous journalists and writers are very helpful in this regard. Be a very keen observer while you are listening and watching so that you can take up all the necessary ingredients of language from them.

  1. The Oldest Trick in the book

Reading books is like the oldest trick yet the most use full trick. English Medium students are very slow and clumsy readers but at beginning it is ok to be imperfect. Practice makes a person perfect so read as much as you can. It is not necessary to only read newspaper to learn urdu you can pick a book of your choice. The Urdu literature offers books on every dimension and aspect of a person’s personality. If you like humor, read a authors with witty nature, if you like romance, there are many romantic books, if you like thriller, libraries are filed with suspense and likewise pick a book that you can enjoy reading.

Here it is important to mention that newspaper articles are still the best source for learning the latest writing patterns so if you cannot read the whole of it tryto make a habit to read one article a day. It will enhance both your writing skills and knowledge about the world.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Now that you are listening and reading Urdu it is must for you to practice it as well.Start with thinking in proper Urdu. While you are making your plans do it in proper language try to use the maximum Urdu words you know and practice it as much as you can. Write a small paragraph every day so that you can learn how to write as well

  1. One hour a day

Speak aloud with yourself and with others in Urdu.Try to allocate an hour of your day where you make a rule of not using any word of any other language but Urdu. In this hour be very strict with yourself, think in Urdu, write in Urdu and especially speak in Urdu. The rule might sound funny but it very helpful in learning a proper language.

  1. Find a Company

There is always one or more people in your surrounding who have amazing Urdu language skills, spend time with. it is important for you to speak with people with better accent and vocabulary. Look closely at how they are forming the words, also notice their body language, it will help you learn the speaking ethics.

If you unfortunately do not have anyone to have this experience the videos of people such as famous poets and journalists can help you. Observe them very closely.

  1. Own it

While you have talked with a person or listened to person with good grip on language try to imitate them. Imagine yourself to be sitting on their place, hold a proper body language and start coping their accent and the words they have used. It is the skit practice. Here you are not asking you adopt someone else style but it is just for the learning process.

You will enjoy the experience of being able to speak like one of your ideal personalities.

The tips that have been mentioned sound like every day practice but these practices only put into actions are actually very useful and affective. Practice makes a person perfect; there is nothing in the world a person cannot learn. Be optimistic in your life and work on yourself to reach the goal.

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