Tips: How to Teach More Effectively

Teaching is an art that attracts the students to satisfy their hunger for education. A teacher is a role model for the student. He behaves like an open book before the student. It is said that

“A teacher is better than two books”

A teacher is a personality who can develop the interest of a student in a specific subject even if it is boring, just with its teaching methods and communication skills. On the contrary, it is the teacher who can divert the attention of students from education with bad uttering way and boring lecture delivering method.

So the teacher should be prepared all in all aspects. There are many methods to teach the students more effectively, a few of them are briefly explained below.

Teacher-Centered Class

It was an old time when a teacher was an ocean of knowledge and it keeps on delivering the lecture. Now the trend and demand are different. With the increase of education ratio, change in the trend of teaching is clearly proven over the history. A teacher should set the class in such an attractive form where all the students can see the teacher directly and ask queries from the teacher. Desks should be set in a proper manner and charts, graphics, models should be used in class. So that students may have no other attraction in the class all around except of knowledge. In this way, the weakest students can also insert their attention into the lecture. This comfortable environment can attract the student to attend the class.


If you want to try a Teacher-Centered style, here’s my advice:

Use a 3 – 5 minute mini-lesson to bring together the main concept. Summarize the lesson of the day, any objectives, learning goals, strategy, logic, or intended outcomes, then introduce some type of group tasks or project activity, and let students work on their own.  

Keep the students engaged in tasks. Intrigue them about the topic and ask them questions. Try to make them communicate about the topic and guess the logic and let them observe the scenario.

Introduce Technology

In this technical era technology is the main component in any task. Learning can also be improved by using technology and technical methods.  Models acts, tools, and ground practical give more understanding, maintains interest, and keeps the students attentive towards the topic. Moreover, a student with far distances can also get knowledge at the same time as physical appearance lecture.

Student-Centered strategy

Set the class, let the students move, and get them tools freely. This is the way when a teacher is in the class, and still important but the choice is different

Let the student explore his/her interest by choosing tools and start the activity. Let them what they want to do. If they want to solve a math problem or want to make any chemical solution, or maybe they want to edit any video or establish a connection between two circuits.  Here the class will undisciplined but more educated. Maybe, less organized but the master in thoughts. It will intrigue a sense of thinking and exploring inside their conscience.

A Flexible Teaching Style


All students cannot handle the same flow. A teacher has to be strategic in his teaching style to reach the student’s mental level. A single teaching style can be acceptable for one student but may be unacceptable for the other. So a teacher should be versatile and flexible in teaching.

No Harsh Words

Just forget to use hard and harsh words with students. Always love them and stay polite. Maybe your polite behavior is unable to teach the students but it falls the student to like and respect the teacher. Once the students respect the teacher, they love to attend his class and ultimately start learning. Politeness can be much fruitful for the teacher and as well as student.


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