Time Management Tips For Students

Its an important skill for the students to learn how to manage their time. Most of the students find it very difficult how to manage the time, do their homework and complete assignments. To help out the students we have create time management tips for students. Well organized student schedule create a skill in them to complete homework and educational assignments.

Check out these tips to learn time management for study and become more productive student,

1. Personal Time Survey

How to use your time first of all you have idea for this. Personal time survey is a technique to find out how much time you are spending on each activity. For accuracy, you have to observe all the activities minimum a time period to one week. This will help you better in understanding in time spending on each subject effectively. Where you are wasting time it will also identify. But for all these you have to notice for personal time survey. We have prepared schedule for you to help in this regards. While survey estimate each time to activity accordingly. When you have done then multiply your day by seven. This will give you total time spent estimation on each activity. After you calculated all this will give you grand total, minus this from 168 hours of week. Check this out

Number of hours sleeping per day ---- x 7 = ----
Number of hours training per day ---- x 7 = ----
Number of hours food per day ---- x 7 = ----
Travel time per weekdays ---- x 5 = ----
Travel time per weekdays ----
Total number of hours for daily outing ----
Extra activities per day ---- x 7 = ----
Number of working hour per week ----
Number of hours in class per week ----
Number of social hours per week ----
Now add all ----
Now minus 168 from above ----
The number you get is the exact time you have spent on your studies per week.

2. Study Hours Formula

To get A’s in you class examinations determine the following study formula. Its easy to study two hours in class, average hours are three, but daily four hours are difficult for the student. For example, a working student daily three hours task, usually will not work outside the class upto 6 hours. If there is any subject which difficulty level is tough and required 12 hours per week, then you have to take some hours easy level courses or from working hours. Here is the formula to study

Credit hours for low difficulty level subjects ---- x 2 = ----
Credit hours for medium difficulty level subjects ---- x 3 = ----
Credit hours for high difficulty level subjects ---- x 4 = ----
Total ----

Here is the time of credit hours now compare this from the survey time left, now most of students get stressed. Not only notes will save you from worry. In study not only quantity matter but also quality. This is the general guideline for the student if follow the formula. Aspirants must try this at least a week if adjustment needed, do so.

3. Daily Schedule

Various time table can be created according to your personality. Books engagement, writing, learning and other study aspects are included in this. Once made then next one is its construction. There must be spaces between hours, half hours for busy routine. Frist you have to do is all necessary things, create assignments, class / homework, meal etc. Now put all them in study time (just reminder study formula is mentioned above). Schedule all the thing for organization of study time. Must review your notes after class. Take a break of 10 minutes after each study hour. Also keep in consideration how much courses you have taken. How much time you give to study increase the chances of success. If you are more socialized and cannot give much time to your study, below are some more tips how you can adjust the time.

4. Don’t Be Obsessive

Look at you weak points and try to become perfect student. All human being are not perfect. If there is difficult level come each person become worry its nature. You are required to set your goals, but remember they should be challenging. There are each type person are there, weaker and stronger than you.

5. Learn Say To No

Tonight a colleague of you want to see a movie with you. Instead of this you made outing your friends on tomorrow and today you are going to study. You actually are not concerned. You wish to say a big NO bot you don’t like to deny the people. Slowly this process will make a change in you for say no. It gives you great opportunity and time to overcome on your gaps.

6. Learn To Prioritize

Its very much important that you prioritize all your daily routine works. If you keep this habit avoiding then you become lazy. To do list is the best solution for this. Another example is list of a b c. You write down all your prioritize tasks accordingly to a b and c. In a line write all the tasks which are most important then in b medium and in c the less important you may skip if needed. After creating the list you have to follow this.

7. Combine Several Activities

There is one more suggestion of combine several activities. While in the class try to concentrate and make nots. This will be you habit in three to four days and good study review. Also create a list of thing you have to done. This is just a suggestion that can save your time.


If you follow the above mention, it will become you habit and you can adjust accordingly. But first of all you have to practice this. This will also give you opportunity of extra time then you can involve yourself with friends and family. But remember all this depend you have to be 100% honest with you otherwise all is useless.

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