The Turkish Scholarships 2019-2020

The new year 2019 has taken a start. The first month of a year is filled with scholarship opportunities. Most countries start to offer scholarships in the first month so that the students can manage to complete all the requirements by the time of the beginning of the academic year. Turkey has opened 2019-2020 scholarships for international students. It is an amazing chance for foreign studies aspirants.

Turkey is at a steady pace of development. It is one of the most modernize and developed state amongst all the Islamic countries of the world. The Unique and strategic location of Turkey on the world map makes it part of two big continents of Asia and Europe. Turkish scholarships are one of the most prestigious scholarships. The government of Turkey has opened its doors for all the international students. These scholarships help students to explore the world, develop better skills, create useful insight and formulate better perspective.

The Turkish Government offers scholarships for the students of bachelors, masters, and Ph.D.  It is the best time for the students to get active and apply for the scholarships to study in Turkey. The scholarships are not offered for any particular university. The applicants will get a chance to study in one of the highly recognized universities of Turkey. However, there is a complete process to be eligible for these scholarships. The students interested in the scholarships must apply in the month of January to be able to complete the process on time.

Moreover, the Turkish Government has made special measures to facilitate and reward the extraordinary performance of international students in Turkey.

The Turkish government takes every effort to make the stay of students save and comfortable. The priority of the government is to promote education and bilateral relationships with other states of the world. In this accordance, Turkish Scholarships provide the following benefits to international students.

1.      No tuition fees:  The international students are provided with complete tuition fee. The students do not have to pay for any academic activity as their entire fee is paid by the government of Turkey. In this way, students can continue to focus on studies without any tension of fee and money.

2.      Free Accommodation: The Turkish scholarship is a complete package for students. The students can live free of cost in the hostels and dorms of esteemed universities. However, if the students move to another place government will no longer provide expenses for the stay.

3.      Medical Expenses: The Turkish scholarship program takes care of the health of the students as well. As the foreign students enter a new place they do not know where to go in case of any emergency. The government takes care of every medical situation and also pays for the expenses of medical treatment of these students.

4.      The International Traveling expenses: Once you have been selected for the scholarship to study in Turkish Universities. The government of Turkey not only provides the expenses of university and residence but it also pays for the Tickets of students to reach Turkey. The government also pays for the return tickets of the students.

Turkey Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Turkey and Pakistan share a long bilateral relationship of love, respect, and cooperation. Turkey has always opened doors for Pakistani students. Many Universities of Turkey also offer scholarships for Pakistani students other than the scholarships offered by the government of Turkey.  Pakistani students of bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. can now apply for the scholarships easily. The students can also send online applications for the scholarships. The method to apply for the scholarship is very easy.  You can check the procedure from the official website.

Language Course Requirement for Turkish Scholarships

The students interested in scholarships offered by the Turkish Government must have a good hold on the Turkish Language. In case you do not have fluency in the Turkish language you must enroll in a language course. It is must to be eligible for Turkish scholarships offered by the government. However, several universities offer scholarships without the requirement of Turkish language course as their medium of studies in the English Language.

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