The Success Story of Suhail Warraich

The media industry of Pakistan has spread and broadened with the time. There are numerous news channels now appearing on our TV sets. In addition, every mainstream News Channel has a team and members which become the face of the channel.  The number of journalists and representatives has reached hundreds in counting. In the hundreds of journalists, there are only a few prominent personalities who have marked their presence in the minds of people. Suhail Warraich is one such journalist and analyst who is recognized and liked by most of the people.

Suhail Warraich is a well-known journalist. He is most popular for his unique and neutral point of views. He is famous for his stronghold over the local, provincial and national politics and politicians of Pakistan. He received great prominence from the program “ Aik din Geo kay saath  aired on Geo News Channel.  Suhail Warraich revealed the struggles of his life to Khalid Irshaad Soofi in the interview for Career Karwan.

The life story of Suhail Warraich is narrated by himself in the interview with Career Karwan. He shared interesting events and surprising stories of different phases of his life. The interview is the great source of inspiration for all the students especially the aspiring and young journalists. 

Watch the success story of Suhail Warraich Part 1.


 The Success Story of Suhail Warraich Part 2

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