The Success Story of Mr. Azam Chaudhary

Mr. Azam Chaudhary is a famous and successful journalist who is currently the President of Lahore Press Club. In an interview with Career Karwan he shared his struggle and success story of how he became a journalist. It is very evident in life that no matter what you plan you automatically start walking towards what is destined for you, Mr. Azam had never planned to join journalism as a profession but  it happened for him while he was completing Master’s in History.  Life took him with this pleasant surprise and he continues following this path until the date.

The young and passionate man joint newspaper in 1991 and started his career having no prior experience and knowledge about journalism, he graces his mentors for outing  him on right direction later he learnt by getting exposure to new things and trial and error methods. Mr. Azam Chaudhary  shared his surprising experience of how he became a crime reporter and the events and crime cases he reported. Every story he shared is shocking and amazing at once .

He is one of those journalist who have been competent enough to fit in any newspaper and journalistic activity, it seems as journalism was inside him before he incidentally joint it in 1991.  . He has worked for several known newspapers such as Pakistan, Khabrain, Sahafat, Sadaqat and even for a newspaper giant Jung group.  Mr. Azam Chaudhary is a young energetic man  with life full of adventures and success. Listen to his complete interview for knowing how he became a crime reporter and his life struggle from then until now.

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