The Scope of BS English Literature

The studies in Pakistan have changed over the course of time. Every year new and improved curriculum is introduced in the academic institutions especially schools. However, various new subjects and fields have been introduced at the University level. After completing college the major question of career selection is on the way for young students. It is a very significant yet critical choice for the students to make. They need the career counseling and guidance to make a better and practical decision.

The inclusion of new subjects has provided more choices for the students but it has also created ambiguity. There is a myth that BS in the English Language has no scope in Pakistan. This issue is addressed by Assistant Professor of English Department of Punjab University, Mr. Shahzeb Khan. In the interview with career karwan, Mr. Shahzeb Khan elaborated the scope and importance of bachelors in English Language. The interview is a detailed answer of whether the students should consider BS English Language as the major subject or not. Mr. Shahzeb also highlighted the perks of the course. He further discussed the opportunities available for these graduates in the outside world or the practical world.

Listen to the complete interview for detailed information about the scope of English Language and BS (Hons) in the English Language.

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    Salman Ali 28 Jun, 2020 at 02:25 PM

    Very informative Sir, love your views. Literature has also provided more options for students.