The Rising Air Pollution

The Air pollution is one of the major concerns which are causing health hazards and environmental degradation. Air pollution means the presence of harmful, toxic substances in the air. These pollutants can be divided in two types, the visible and invisible. The air is combination of gases and the particles around it. The pollutants such as dust articles which can be seen fall under the visible pollutants, where as the toxic gases such as sulfuric and nitrogen are the invisible air pollutants.

Why should we care about the rising air pollution? The answer to this question is very simple because we cannot breathe without air around us and we cannot live without breathing. This simple matter is actually not understood completely by most of us. The rising human and industrial waste in the air is making it dangerous for the humans, plants and animals around us.

The humans contribute to the air pollution by using oil and oil for as the fuel at our homes, and out on the roads with vehicles. The burning of coal and fuel adds abundance of carbon particles, carbon mono oxide and nitrogen in the air, whereas the electric appliances such as air conditioners and freezers are diffusing Chlorofluorocarbons in the air. The industries include so much hazardous elements and gasses in the air causing the health hazards. The carbon pollution has become the major reason in the depletion of Ozone layer resulting in the rapid climate change and global warming. The depletion of Ozone layer also allows the dangerous ultraviolet rays to hit the surface of the earth directly damaging the crops, affecting marine life and causing serious harm to human skin.

It is not simply causing you to cough but air pollution spreads respiratory diseases, skin problems, allergies, and it serious cases it can also cause severe lungs damage. The smog we see surrounding us is the signal of high rate of air pollution. The eye problems are also caused because of the rising air pollution. It also leaves a lasting impact on the plants as it becomes a hurdle in the process of photosynthesis. Air pollution is also the cause of rapid acid rains, demanding crops and plants all over. The animals are also being affected because of carbon and other toxic particles in the air.

What can we do to prevent the pollution? At first we must take the issue seriously. We as individuals might not be able to stop big industries from carbon emission but there is still a lot we can do at personal and community level. Use the energy effective. We can prevent unnecessary use of fossil fuels at homes. We must start buying eco friendly products. We can decrease the use of our cars where as we should switch to the cars that are being run on the batteries. Spreading awareness about the issue into the masses can be the best way to curb the rising issue. Shifting to renewable energies such as solar and wind power can help preventing the degradation of air.


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