The Research Culture in Pakistan

The Higher Education Commission is making ties with international Universities and Governments in order to make agreements about the promotion of Research Culture in Pakistan. Every year HEC Pakistan offers several scholarship programs for Ph.D. students as well. All the efforts are being done to make a conducive environment where the students get motivated towards research. The developed countries not only hire the students to do research before establishing a policy but also use the written research papers and dissertations to understand the ground realities and issues. The research has played a great role in the process of development in both natural and social sciences sectors. The current innovations are the results of researches, however, the policies for the humans are also designed in accordance with the research and need of the society which includes health care bills, educational policies etc.

The Higher Education Commission is also motivated to encourage students to become part of the development process through research. Despite all the efforts at government level Pakistan has failed to produce effective and useful researches which can play any role in the knowledge development of the scientific community or the government. Here the government is missing the real point to focus on the research culture to prevail. The point to ponder is the role of educational institutions.

The increased number M. Phil and Ph.D. program in the public and private sector universities is not a sign of success.  It is just a blindfold which is used to blind people from the real issue in the research culture of Pakistan. The programs are ill manufactured and it almost contributes nothing in the research practices and research writing skills of the student. The course works in the programs do not justify benefiting the students in understanding the process of research development. Even after paying a heavy fee to the universities, the institutions fail at delivering the understanding and skill development for research. As the result, most researches are not well written or conducted. Consequently, these researches fail to lay any contribution in the development of society.

The situations are worsening with the allocation of supervisors. The supervisors of research are mostly assigned by the institutions itself. The supervisor is supposed to support the students in conducting the research and makes it convenient for them with their facilitation but it is rarely practiced. Contrary to the role assigned these supervisors to make it more critical for the students to complete research. Multiple cases have been reported where the researchers are asked to do extra favors to the supervisors in order to get their synopsis and research approved. Many female students have left the research in the middle due to harassments and pressures to give sexual favors, male students also get to face many issues in regard to the supervisors. However, some supervisors are exceptionally helpful and loyal to their duty.

The researchers in Pakistan are seen as confused and distracted.  The issue is also prevailing because research is done just for the sake of a fancy degree to get better jobs and salaries. This attraction has added many incompetent people in the research community. It is also a common practice now that student’s pay heavy amounts to other professional research writers to conduct and complete their research projects just to be eligible for the degree.

If we continue to excel in the similar direction Pakistan will not be able to produce any valuable research or the valuable work will be overshadowed with the waste and unprofessional work. The government and the Higher Education Commission must address the real issues to promote the culture of research in Pakistan.

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