The Problems Every Student Faces In University, Get The Solution Here!

University life is one of the most beautiful, memorable and productive part of life but it has some problems as well. You might have not faced them all but these are the problems which almost every student faces during university life. 
Mismanagement of Time
Unlike colleges, universities have different system and different work load. The things which a student studies in one year in college are taught in one semester in a university. Taking a load of 18 credit hours or even 21 credit hours is a hard thing to tackle. The solution is simple, cut down your work load and take lesser courses because you’re here to learn. Make it slower but make it count. 
Health Problems
Education is expensive as compared to monthly income of a common man. If you’re dependent on your family, it’s going to be hard to manage. Students in such cases take jobs accompanying their social life and extracurricular activities. In an effort in meeting the both ends, students lack sleep and proper nutrition which results into health problems. To solve this problem, manage your time and make a schedule of your social events, studies, sports and studies and try to follow the schedule. Cut off the extra things which are time consuming like spending a lot of time using social media. 
If you’re living in a hostel, you’ll feel homesick all the time. Not every person is strong to bear this homesickness. The solution is simple but works slowly. If you live just three or four hours’ drive away, do visit your home once or twice a months. Make video calls and ask your family and friends to send you packages of memories and gifts. You can find the people of same problem in your hostel with which you can share your homesickness and feel less alone. 
Mental Health and Depression
Burden of studies and exam can push you into depression. These are not only problems which could lead you to depression. Loneliness or workload (if you have a job) can also be the causes. To solve the problem, find some friends with which you can talk and ventilate your brain. Many universities have psychiatrists or counseling facilities facing these problems. You can get proper treatment without heavy fees. 
Education Cost and Personal Expenses 
Education is expensive and students often have to work in order to fulfil their needs. The food cost as well as your social life expenses increase in the university. The solution to this problem is making your budget and sticking to it. You can take a job as well if you have extra time and energy and want to earn some extra money. Try not to ruin your health or grades in a race to earn your expenses. 

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