The Power of Hope

By Farzeen Amin

Hope is considered as an idealistic thought process where a person predicts that everything is going to be good or some people call it living in Utopia. People who portray a hopeful attitude are often mistaken as naïve and simple. Once a wise man was asked what keeps you going in the difficult times and the answer was “hope”. The hope is actually not very simple concept but it is a complete cognitive process that helps your brain to function.

In 1991 Charles R. Synder and colleagues gave the theory of Hope. Hope is not just a blissful mindset but it is a cognitive trait that reduces stress, reduces feeling of helplessness, boosts the happiness and improves the quality of life. The people who lack this trait are mostly seen as passive and their approach towards life is negative as they have no hope for the future. Hopelessness is the main reason for the failure. The positive mentality keeps you healthy not only from outside but your brain functions properly when it is filled with optimism.

Every inventor, scientist and reformist was once called naïve and idealist. Woodrow Wilson the 28th president of United States is known as the biggest idealist. He gave the idea of cooperation amongst the states for progress rather than competition in his famous 14 points during the last phase of World war one. He had to receive massive criticism over his idealistic point of view. It was Woodrow Wilson’s hopeful though which lead to the establishment of League of Nations. Although League of Nations could not prevent the world from another deadly war later it reemerged as United Nations Organization. Since then numerous global issues have been resolved at table rather than wars. For many people Wilson was too optimistic but his hope that has saved the world from further world wars. Thomas Edison never lost hope in his work, after hundreds of failed attempts his positivity kept him going. They said he was mad but he proved himself by finally lighting up the world with a light bulb, now it is shining high in every building, every home and every street.

Hope is a small word of 4 letters but it has great impact over the life. It does not solve our problems for us but it keeps us willing to find solutions. Hope gives us confidence in our capabilities; it tells you that you can. If you start a day knowing that it is going to be good and that everything will be fine you will feel more energetic hence your performance will reflect positivity and progress.

The people with positive attributes are usually more progressive and productive because they welcome challenges. Hope is a cognitive motivational process that asks you to see opportunities in the challenges rather than challenges in the opportunities. It helps you to see the brighter side of life. Every challenge becomes an opportunity for betterment. Hope helps you come out of your comfort zone and accept new ventures. It is the hopeful mind that that tells you that nothing is impossible and no matter how hard the time is it will be right in the end.

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For every student it is very important to look for the shinny line in dark clouds. We face hundreds of disappointments every day, it is the hope that gives you strength to stand firm against all odds. Be hopeful towards the capabilities you have. It is hope that helps you understand that every failure makes you better, hope keeps you alive. So never lose hope and keep smiling as you can do everything and it is going to be a great life.



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