The Most Spoken Languages of the World

  1. Mandarin Chinese

China has the largest population of the world and a very large territory. The national language of China is called Mandarin Chinese. It is one of the oldest languages of the world. The literal meaning of Mandarin Chinese is “common language”.Mostly people believe that it is a single language but it a group of languages commonly spoken in china and other countries like Singapore, the total native speakers of the language are around 897 million people where as the non native speakers are about 193 million people. The total number of people speaking Mandarin Chinese is almost 1.1 billion. The number of Chinese speakers is increasing with China opening its borders for international students from around the world. The Mandarin Chinese fall in Sino Tibetan family language.

  1. English

English might not be spoken by the largest number of people but is still the most common language of the world. The language started reaching different nooks and corners of the world with colonization. Now in the globalized world English is a medium of interaction amongst the states of the world. The educational and other books are commonly translated and published in English Language to be circulated in the world. English is used as academic and official language of mostly countries of the world. The major core states such as US and UK are English spoken countries which has left a great impact on other countries as well. The most popular books and most popular movies have English as its language so the world is also driven towards it. As per the current count there are more than 371 million native English speakers where as in total the world has 983 million English speakers including 611 million non native speakers. The language is derived from Germanic family of language.

  1. Hindi & Urdu

In the south Asian region the sub-continent consisted Hindus and Muslims living under same country and ruled by Mughal Empire for thousand years. Later it became British India under British rule. After the partition the sub-continent was divided in two major states known as Pakistan and India. The culture and Language of both the countries have great similarities. Hindi and Urdu are mostly considered and confused as same language. The similarities in the languages have made it easier for the people of these two countries to interact with each other with comfort and ease. There are more than 544 million people who speak Hindi and Urdu. The difference lies in the writing patterns as Hindi is written in Devenagari Script where as Urdu is written in Arabic script style.

  1. Spanish

Spanish has the second biggest number of native speakers and fourth overall Spanish speakers. The language is spoken in countries like Mexico, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. Spanish is also used as very common language in the central and southern regions of America. The Spanish language and its impact is increasing in US rapidly where as the number of Spanish speaking people is also rising through the world. As per the current count there are almost 436 million native Spanish speaking people and 91 million non native speakers. The total Spanish speakers in the world are around 527 million. The language is similar and related to French, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian languages.


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