The most effective way of learning

by: Ameer Shah

Is memorization learning?

The question as to why learning is memorization, despite being true, is largely irrelevant to, is memorization learning because when one learns something he memorizes it but someone memorizes something he doesn’t necessarily learn it. So, memorization can be learning, but necessarily isn’t. Education is essential because it provides knowledge and knowledge is essential but there are many ways to acquire knowledge. Memorization despite being the most popular isn’t the most effective way of learning and in this article, we discuss the most effective way of learning.



The best way of learning is the derivative one, humans are entirely wired to think logically but what they are not wired to do, is recalling exact events from memory. The derivative method presents you to remember the concepts for instance if you want to learn how photosynthesis works you can remember each individual fact, but recalling them from memory would be inaccurate and inefficient but remembering the process of photosynthesis in allegories would be easier and then you can whenever required derive from it the relevant fact, this is how math works but it’s much more trivial and easier.


The derivative method VS memorization

Now you may be thinking why the derivative method is better than our conventional memorization method and this is because you can relatively easily remember in allegories and abstracts rather than straight-up facts. Most importantly, you must first understand the concept to put it in an allegory so, it becomes actual learning while the same cannot be said about memorization, you are just sinking some facts in your brain. Derivation requires activation of brain because when you derive something you are actually putting in the effort while recall is natural meaning some people just naturally tend to recall better while others are entirely left behind. So, it is also unfair while the same cannot be said about the derivative method because you can improve your derivative skills by practice.


How does one derive?

The derivative method requires you to derive facts from abstracts and this is similar to how one derives a proof from a given equation by using the mathematical concepts or abstracts learned in class. You must take a concept and analyze it so that your brain can actually realize that it knows that abstract and can derive from it. The process of derivation itself is simple because when you recall the concepts and run through them in your brain then you will automatically find the answer to the question you’re prompted with, similar to how you recall algebraic concepts.



For humans, it’s much easier to derive the concrete facts from a set of abstracts but it’s much harder to actually remember those concrete facts and using the method of derivation you can actually derive rather than remembering. It’s also in most cases faster to derive from abstracts than recalling from memory because we are wired to derive way more than, we are to recall. In the end, it really doesn’t matter the method you use if you are good with it, but most people in today’s world are not good with memorization and therefore need to change their method to the derivative method.


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