The inspiring success story of Jeff Bezoz, who once became world’s richest man

The online merchant known as Jeff Bezos played a significant role in the field of online networking business. Almost every success begin with a belief as the future can be better than the present if the person has the power to make it so. Regarding the belief, Jeff Bezos didn’t wait for the opportunity but created it with his ideas and hard work strategy. He was born with a spark that enhanced the business of online retailing process. After completing his graduation in 1986, Jeff begin to find jobs in order to experiment his inner capability and intelligence. But he was way too capable to create his own micro business than to work under some company. Soon, he turned down the jobs from Intel and Bell labs and begin his own startup called Fitel. The mind of Jeff was powered with the source of internet and he worked according to the functions of a vast computer network. The interest in social networking provided him the success and achievements in different online fields.

Furthermore, he went on to join Bankers Trust and then also worked on Internet-enabled business opportunities at D. E. Shaw & Co, as well. Jeff spent most of the time in repairing windmills and castrating bulls at his grandparent’s ranch in Texas. He also worked in Mcdonald’s as a teen and begin a Dream Institute for summer camp kids. These all activities pushed him to score different in life other than working with usual ideas.

The idea of inventing more into social network helped him to work in order to maintain and gain at the same time. The successful internet retailing company Amazon crossed the boundaries of success and praises. He developed a link that became a success around the globe. Jeff was listed as the 3rd wealthiest person in the world (August 2016). Under his guidance, has also risen up to a market cap of $292.6 Billion and has become the world’s largest online retailer as well as a model for Internet sales. With Amazon, Jeff is also the possessor of privately funded aerospace developer and manufacturer “Blue Origin” and had also bought “The Washington Post” newspaper. The private company Blue Origin is a human spaceflight start-up company that was founded in 2000, this startup idea came into being because of his love for space travel. 

Additionally, he made several other business investments through his personal asset company known as Bezos Expeditions. Some of these investments includes Stack Exchange (technology publishing), Twitter (social networking), Uber (sharing economy), Aviary (software photo editing) and many more. Around1998, Jeff also invested in and became an early investor.

Bezos created extensive possibilities of selling online products and began exploring the Internet business. He jotted down a list of twenty potential products that would be selected by the customers for sure. After reviewing the list, books turned out to become the obvious choice of the people around the world. And finally in July 1995, with an option of more than 1 million titles, unlocked its doors and called itself “Earth’s Biggest Book Store”. With just word of mouth and emails, Amazon became an instant success in a limit time. The orders had started to pour in from every area and the success increased day by day. But Jeff belonged to a very different mindset, and wanted to make Amazon the most customer centric company in the world.

The re-valuation of Amazon led Jeff to look for many different ways to expand Amazon’s business model. Eventually, he added the online retailing site as Amazon Marketplace in which Amazon customers can sell their used books, and other products. This process made Amazon to acquire more success than before. Whereas, Amazon’s used-items marketplace remains undefeated and is still the largest worldwide.

Moreover, the company went on to add Amazon Prime program with free two-day shipping and while adding another option of auction to increase the box of money. Jeff also presented Amazon Kindle a lightweight device for reading electronic books, in 2007 and this move became responsible for the creation of the eBook market in America as well as abroad. Later, Amazon also entered the tablet market with the Kindle Fire, their low-cost alternative to the iPad, as well.

This inspiring man once said, “everyone has two options for creating their "life story." Either you go for a life of "ease and comfort" or a life of "service and adventure." He said one will be prouder of living a courageous life when he/she is 80 years old.

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