The Increasing Use of Drugs in students

The drugs abuse or substance abuse is a practice in which an individual either takes medical drugs in an excessive amount without any consultation with doctor or takes the dangerous drugs that are gravely dangerous for the human health. The consumption of drugs includes the intake of relaxants available in medical store, weed, marijuana, cocaine, ice etc. These drugs of abuse are becoming very common in universities, colleges and even schools throughout Pakistan

It is witnessed mostly in the colleges that once a student completes matriculation their attitude towards life and towards the studies change and students become careless and carefree. Mostly students take college and its studies to be very easy. This is the most vulnerable time for students. They easily fall in the trap of drug dealers whereas there are 5 main reasons for students to start using the drugs of abuse.

  1. Peer Pressure

It is always difficult live in isolation especially when you enter a crowded place like college and university. Any individual who does not have a backing support or a group of friends becomes an easy prey for bullying where as it also becomes difficult for the person to compete in studies alone. Finding decent and sober friends is a very big blessing. If on one hand these peer groups can help a person staying positive in studies on the other hand peer groups can cause bad influences in an individual as well. The use of drugs in college and university students is mostly seen as a group practice. An individual with weak conviction falls for drugs of abuse. The trap works in a cyclic manner no matter how much a person wants to stop using drugs but the peer group and peer pressure makes him fall in the same pit over and over again. For these students it is must for them to leave that group completely.

  1. Effects of Media

Media plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of people. Our culture and life is affected by what we listen, hear and watch on our TV screens and other media devices. We slowly start to build acceptance for the norms and values that we observe through media. The use of drugs is shown as a status symbol at many different programs and social media sites. These images that are built in a student’s mind aggravate the need to get into the wrong company and wrong practices. Moreover the influence of western media fuels the urge even more. It becomes a person’s fantasy to experience the effect of drugs that they have seen in western movies and music.

  1. Excessive pressure of Studies

There is a common partner that the students adopt in the last months before the examination date. It is seen that students do not bother about studies through the semester or year but one month before exam they become much stressed. To stay awake at nights and keep their self relax students start taking drugs. This practice is getting very common in especially medical and engineering students because they have to cover lengthy courses. These drugs later cause insomnia, anxiety and depression in the students. The students need to give proper time to their studies regularly to avoid the excessive pressure in the last months of the term.

  1. Bad Grades

Students suffer from great depression when they could not achieve good grades in examination. There are many students who aim to become a doctor or engineer but they couldn’t get admission in their desired college or university. The feeling makes them unsatisfied from their performance at severe cases students stop studying further because they lose confident and faith in their efforts. To curb the sorrow of failure students find sources to make them self content so they start abusing the substances. In these cases parents and teachers must play positive role to keep the student optimistic and focused towards the goal of life.

  1. To have fun

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The worst of the reasons behind taking drugs is that some students find drugs to be source of entertainment. The carefree nature of these individual not just destroy their own life but also become the reason to spoil many other students.

To take drugs is becoming a normal ritual.  This practice is very common especially in the urban population. Parents and teachers need to play a crucial role to counsel the students so that they can differentiate between black and white. The students also need to be extra conscious about who they are going out with. The students with strong conviction do not fall for the use of drugs.


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