The Importance of Self Accountability

By Farzeen Amin

“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one's acts.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

What is self accountability? It is the combination of two words ‘self’ and ‘accountability’. At first it is inevitably important to understand what self is. Self is the combination of a person’s conscious and unconscious thoughts, rationale, strengths and weakness. To be aware of yourself is the matter of great importance. Mostly individuals do not have knowledge of the self that they possess. Self accountability is the only way to evaluate yourself. Accountability is the process of self check. By accountability you hold yourself responsible of every action that you have taken. These actions determine who you are as person and what are your personality traits.

We as human beings always portray the best of us in every gathering we become part of. We go to university , college, work places and other public gatherings with best of our manners we greet people to have good a day and continue the practice for the rest of the day. People around us can only see what we show them but only you know what you are actually doing. The actions we do throughout the day plays a crucial role in building your character. To build positive character traits it is important to locate and analyze the faults between the highlighted highs. 

Most of our lives work in a routine pattern. We have hectic days where we lack the time to focus on our self. Bed time although is the best time to relook at the entire day. Look for what you have done. Rate your actions.  See how much benefit have your day given to you and to others. Compare your present day with yesterday. Ask yourself how your present day is better than yesterday. Focus on your weaknesses. To overcome weakness first you must find them. If you do not realize about your weakness you can never overcome them.

We make pity mistakes in haste and sometimes out of stupidity. Don’t pile yourself with the guilt of being a bad person rather find out ways to avoid them. For students it is a good practice to write diary. It keeps the record of your progress. Self accountability not only makes you a responsible person in practice but it also builds a stronger will power in you to fight with your own self. It builds a stronger perspective for you to become an honorable and dignified person. It is certain that you cannot sleep every night with the guilt of cheating, bribing or stealing. Slowly you will start avoiding every bad habit and every stupid mistake because you have to explain your actions to yourself.

Remember that we all are accountable of our actions in front of almighty Allah. The fear of being judged helps us to stay on the right track. The practice of accountability makes you self aware and self confident. The stronger you become as a person it starts getting easier to overcome weakness. The daily accountability establishes a foundation of honesty in yourself and you become a better a person in every perspective.


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