Sahabzada Sultan : A Star Jeep Racer

By Khalid Irshad Soofi

Sahibzada Sultan Mohammad Ali is the star Jeep Racer of Pakistan Sports, introducing Jeep rally off-road racing. This sport was unknown to the public before 1990 but after its proper launch, it became part of Pakistan national sports 2005 by the Punjab Government. Even then this sport was not that kind of popular among the public as cricket, hockey, badminton, football ware. Mir Nadir Magasi was one of the most popular players who remain overriding in this sport for nearly 20 years. His ancestory belongs to Sultan bahu therefore his ancestors are respectable family.  The impacts of their religious norms are depicted through his personality.


Role of Sahibzada sultan in Cholistan Jeep Rally Race

 In 2014, as an observer at the Cholistan Jeep Rally, Sahibzada Sultan Team introduced its team. Soon it raised its stars among the public and was well known for its consecutive wins in the year 2015 after Mir Nadir Magasi.  Sahibzada Sultan won by Mir nadir Magasi and stood 1st in the race.  It was the time when the participants were trying to increase their rank from Category C to category B but the Team Sahibzada Sultan won all category A Titles within the year in the races of Cholistan and Gawadar championship. Sahibzada Sultan won 9 titles in his name within just 5 years. 

Sahibzada sultan has also the distinction of completing a jeep rally race on three tyres. It happened when he lost his fourth tyre 4 kilometers before the finishing line of the race but he completed the race only on three tyres and became 1st Pakistani in this regard to achieve this distinction. After the step in of this team into this sport, media has started given coverage to this sport and its entertainment.

How this Cholistan rally jeep race is played?  

Rules for playing the sport are also available in video game form. On the ground, sport is categorized into Stock and Prepared.  In the stock category, the vehicle Is used in its original condition, and in the Prepared Category, the engine of the vehicle is replaced by some heavier engine to meet the hurdles during the race more efficiently.

Before the start of the game, a qualifying round is played in which players need to complete the round as fast as possible to ensure their ability to participate. The check-in and check-out time of the game is recorded to minimise the chances of cheating. A navigator man is also there to assist the driver with the track turns. Moreover, drivers are allowed to use navigation software like Google Maps or GPS.

Safety of the player

 Safety of the driver is most important therefore roll cage is designed inside the Jeep in case of facing accidents. This cage prevents the driver from head injuries and in most of the cases, it has been seen that after meeting the accidents, the jeep is broken entirely but the driver remains uninjured only due to this cage.

Sunday preliminary race 14 February 2021

On Sunday a track of 430 km was the target in which more than 150 participants took place.

Sahibzada Sultan stood 1st on the overall timing game.  He completed the track of 430 km in just 3 hours and 18 minutes. Defending champion Nadir Magsi stood second in the race and he completed his track in 3 hours and 22 minutes.

A group photo of team Sultan

Friday preliminary race 12 February 2021

Jeep rally race, 1st round held at Dilwish Stadium won by Sahibzada Sultan in the 220 km category A of the prepared class.

A jeep rally race took place in Bahawalpur, Sahibzada sultan won the 1st round in the 220 km long race as A  category of the Prepared Class. This is not the 1st win of the sahibzada Sultan team but this team has raised the status of the sport at the national level and soon on the International level. He covered the race of 220 km in  1 hour and 51 min and 1 second performing outstandingly.

During this race, nearly 43 vehicles took part in the 1st round on 12 Feb 2021. 15 vehicles were broken down. But due to the safety cage, their drivers were safe without any injury. Jaffar Magsi stood second in the race and covered the race in 1 hour and 55 minutes. Nadir Maghsi the champion of 20 years stood 3rd in the race.  Zain  Mehmood Chaudhry and his uncle both participated in the race. But both were out of the race as their vehicles were broken during the race.  Zain Mehmood Chaudhary stood second in the qualifying round.

In Category B, Owais was 1st, Nauman was second and Asad was Third.

In Prepared Category C, Syed Zafar was 1st, Gohar was Second, and Mehmood was Third.

In Category D, Umer was 1st, Shaikh was second, and Zafar was Third.  

Racers of Cholistan rally 2021

Aqeel Usman , Syed Ur Rehman, Bebark Fateh, Zahid Qamar, Mansoor Kunwar, Mir Na Akbar, Taimur Nadir, Khalid Arbaz, Yasir Osman, Noor N Siddiq,  Makhdoom Tayab, Jeeyan Hilal

Umair Y Asif K , Syed M Awais, Dawoodi yar,  Zohaib M Ans, Haji  A Shahzad, Malik syed, Naeem Malik, Zohaib Moazza, Azeez R Farruk, Rashid Amir, Sahibzada Shan Muhammad, Sultan Feroz

Ahmad Fahad, Syed AWahab, Shahza Shakee, A.W.C Arshad, Ali A K Muhamad, fazal Fawad, Zubair M, Malik Abdul, Rashid Jamal, Malik Malik, Asad Zahid, M.Dilshad,

Mian S Ahmad,  Falak Rabnawaz, Rashee rafiq,  Shah Gee Asif, Hasaan, Munir Ameer, Sahibzada Muhammad


Palvas Maira, Salma Terran,  Maham, Tushna Isra


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