The Future of Journalism

The students have to pick up a career for their lives when they step into practical life, apart from being a doctor and an engineering , the aspirants of becoming a journalist, writer, reporter anchor have equalized the number. To become a journalist is a dream which most of the students pick by watching the lives of journalists in movies, dramas, documentaries and by reading about them.  The path and requirements to be successful in the field are not as smooth as shown in any movie but only a  person who has spend an important era of the life in the profession can guide you about the realities and struggles of becoming a journalist and surviving successfully in the field.

Mr. Azam  Chaudhary joint journalism in 1991 since then he has worked with several news agencies and newspapers. He is known to be a proficient in his domain. In his long and continuous run of 26 years in the profession of journalism he has observed all the highs and lows from up close by being the part of every revolution that took place in media and journalism from 1991 untill. In the interview with Career Karwan Mr. Azam Chaudhary discussed the future of media and shared his valuable concerns about the rising decline of print media.

The interview is a complete analysis of where the media is going to stand in coming year and what choices students must make before choosing the side and field of media they want to become a part of. The interview is a guide for aspiring journalists and other students as well to have a complete understanding of journalism and the future of media in Pakistan. Watch the video of the interview of Mr. Azam Chaudhary by Career Karwan for complete information about the future of Journalism in Pakistan.

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