The Dilemma of Doctors in Pharmacy

The fields of Education are increasing in Pakistan to facilitate the young students to explore better opportunities and career for themselves. The inclusion in the subjects has introduced the students with various career options in all fields especially medical field. The misconception of the people about the medical field is that it is only limited to MBBS where as other subjects such as Doctor of Pharmacy, Lab technicians, Genetics Engineering, Prosthetics, optometry & orthoptics are some of other subjects that come under the field of medical. The lack of awareness has made it difficult for the students who opted these subjects to compete in the practical life after completion of their education.

The students of Pharmacy get to complete their professional degree in 5 years duration just as the MBBS doctor complete one. We as society fail to understand the important segregation in the fields of Pharmacy and MBBS and we only accept MBBS to be the doctors where as Doctors of Pharmacy are considered as unreliable and incompetent for treating a patient. Here it is important to understand that the work of MBBS doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy goes hand in hand as both sides are not complete without each other. The MBBS teaches the students to understand the complete biological structure of human body so that they can diagnose the reasons and causes of the diseases and where the disease is formulating where as they are not expert in the drug allocation and medicine. For the best results in the western societies the Doctor of medicine and MBBS doctors work together, when the disease is diagnosed and established by MBBS  doctor the medicine is suggested by the Doctor of Pharmacy because their studies completely base on the use of drugs and their impacts.

In Pakistan the degree of Doctor in Pharmacy is not of much value as it is a very rare sight to have seen a Pharmacist Doctor with MBBS doctor sitting together in any Hospital or clinic. The dilemma for the Doctor of Pharmacy is that their discipline in under informed and misunderstood by the masses and they are mostly taken as only an employ or a sales person in a medical store. Their education and struggle for 5 years is put into question when they are not provided with the jobs and designations they deserve.

In Pakistan we do not many drug industries which have also created the vacuum of Jobs for the students of Pharmacy forcing them to do the jobs on very low wages. It is a very big matter of concern for the passing out students of Doctor of Pharmacy whereas the Government of Pakistan has made it must for every Medical store to have at least one professional Doctor of Pharmacy yet it is not enough as the role Doctors of Pharmacy must be properly defined in the masses to create space for them in our medical institutions and hospitals all over Pakistan.

We as educators must address the issues faced by our young students leading to unemployment and distressful conditions where they get lost in the practical life.  The helplessness must be proper addressed to develop better and worthy jobs for the Doctors of Pharmacy.

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