The Art of Time Management

It is said that time and tide waits for none. Time cannot be stopped or paused for any of your activity. In a real sense you cannot manage the time. Time is independent but you can manage your activities according to the available time you have. The art of making the most productive use of time is the called time management. You can learn how to manage time with daily practice. These easy tips will help you to focus of time management.

  1. Rewards your Tasks

Make a list of the daily tasks. It is most important to enlist your tasks rather than starting a hap hazard. Now that you have completed the list, focus on first task first and do not divide your attention towards the others. Reinforcements help an individual to complete tasks on time. Set a small reward for yourself after completing each task. The reward can be a cup of tea, small treats , a short break, a phone call to a friend or a to listen a song after it. The rewards keep you in track to complete your task as soon as possible.

  1. Set Priorities

Understand the priorities of your works. Divide your day in the categories of work as urgent & important, important & not urgent, urgent but not important and not important & not urgent. It is must for you to focus on the tasks that are very important and they have to be done in a certain time limit for example sending your admission form before afternoon this task is both important and urgent. The tasks must be addressed in the in the respective order of preference.

  1. Start with small changes

Make small changes in your schedule. Add productive habits and avoid wasting time. Add small positive changes. Start waking up 20 minutes earlier from your usual time. Use these 20 minutes to assemble the activities of the entire day. Observe the use of your smart phones in a day. Start to cut short the screen timing you can use this time for another small task of the day. Slowly changing routine will make it easy for you adopt better time management techniques

  1. Say no to Multi Tasking

It is best to perform one work at one time. When your attention is divided between many tasks you become unable to complete one task on time. The multi tasking lowers the efficiency of your work. It also stops you from being creative. So try to complete tasks sooner but do not complicate your time with many tasks at once. It actually takes more time for you to complete your work when your mind is divided.

  1. Set Clear deadlines

Make an estimation of time that a work can take. Be very efficient about the deadlines. Do not delay any task as it will disturb the routine of your complete day. You must complete every task on the due estimated time. The time management helps you to perform better in life as you become more punctual and disciplined you’re your life.


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