The Art of Negotiation

While reading the book “You can negotiate everything” by Herb Cohen I realized that the concept of Negotiation is much wider and vast as compared to what we think about it.  Therefore before reading this book I always took negotiation as a formal conversation over the grounds of an agreement between officials of different parties. In addition, I would always imagine them formally dressed up sitting in a conference room kind setting.  The word negotiation although much simpler and yet very broad concept which revolves around us throughout our days in our lives.

Negotiation is a field of Knowledge that focuses on taking favors from other people around us. Herb Cohen explained that we do not realize about all the times we are dealing with people it is one or another kind of negotiation is it in your job, daily conversations with people around you and especially he laid stress on the discussions and dealing of issues with the family. It is not always us who lead the negotiation but all the people, children, parents, bus drivers, teachers, friends, fellows, colleges and even the beggars on the streets are convincing us to act in their favor. Moreover, we also convince others to act according to our benefit.

There is no situation where a person cannot use the power of negotiation. To be able to become master at negotiation a person must master three most important aspects, Information, Time, and Power.  Besides this, a person must be present the mind that yes can do it and I can convince the other party to work in my favor. Once you are all set for the negotiation, you must learn:

1. Information: The other side always has more Information about you and your needs than you know about them and their needs

2. Time: The other side is not bound by the time constraints you have to be bound by.

3. Power: The other side has more power and authority than you have.

When you keep these 3 aspects in your mind, you work harder to get into the mind of another party to reach a better level of information. Moreover, you utilize the time efficiently and pose to be more powerful than you normally consider yourself. Whereas, power is given most regard by stating that if you believe you have the power you can do anything.  Whereas, if you have the power but you do not believe in it then there is no use of it.

Here it is also important to understand where you should negotiate.  To further understand the phenomenon you must ask three questions from yourself.

1.        Am I comfortable in making this negotiation in the given situation?

2.       Will it meet my needs?

3.       Is the expenditure of time and energy worthwhile to the outcome I may receive as the result?

When you answer these three questions to yourself the choice becomes very clear. Now you are all set to negotiate on your grounds. You must observe the needs of the other side and use this information in your favour.  Herb Cohen has explained the value of an investment of time by :

·         Getting your Feet Wet

The spending of more and more time and taking more time of the people under negotiation can help in gaining your own motive. Here he was pointed out that changing the perception can and using alternative courses are always useful in negotiation.  Do not let the other to take a lead over you rather trap other parties by using different tactics such as:

Ø  Continuous visits

Ø  The Nibble

Ø  The help me approach

Negotiation is the art that a person learns over the course of time and practice. In addition it requires your calm and patience. However, you might not win every time to convince others but it is confirms that there is nothing you cannot negotiate. The power of negotiation makes you a better diplomat at personal, local, national and international level. To be successful you must learn to convince others to do in your favour.

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