The Anger Management

The contemporary era the life style has posed new hardships for the people to cope with. The competitive nature of jobs and studies pose new challenges for the people every day. On one hand the challenges allow a person to grow better capabilities but it also causes frustration and negativity incase the stress is not properly handled. We witness riots and fights over the issues that are not any big deal. The rising aggression and decreasing tolerance is also the result of stress and failure to cope up with challenges. The road rage is one of the prime examples of mishandling of anger and aggression.

The anger  is actually a kind of energy that is can be handled and maintained. We need to learn the ways to manage anger to prevent any unfortunate events to take place. The following tips can help you contain anger.

  1. Burn it

Our diet plays a crucial role in formulating our attitudes. The unhealthy and non balanced diet lead to stomach disorders forming uncomfortable attitude. We get to become agitated very quickly and our responses are most very raw and illogical towards any surprising or unpleasant issue. The solution of this problem is to burn the negativity.

One or more simple exercises in a day can help your metabolism to function properly. The energy that burns with the exercise makes you feel lighter and relaxed. You can focus properly on challenges and issues when you are comfortable from within your body. Exercising will also maintain body positivity in terms of cardiac health and better blood flow through out your brain and body.

  1. Time out

Each individual has a different threshold in terms of coping with work, study and other activities. When your mind and body is worn out because of excessive stress and load you start to become impulsive , your reaction become quick and aggressive. At the point you feel exhausted you must relax yourself. You can take small breaks of ten to fifteen minutes. You can do the practices that makes you feel relax such as listening to your favorite song, taking to your friend, doing yoga, praying or just staying quite for few minutes. The breaks induce calmness so that you can focus on work and studies in the best manner. So it’s time out for you when you start getting frustrated and tired of your routine.

  1. Keep quite

Anger is one of the drives in the human body that triggers intense emotion and need for curbing it just as hunger drive. You might not be able to prevent the drive but you can control your actions. In the anger drive all of your energy is shifted to your limbs so that you can fight or flight the brain in this condition cannot work most efficiently. Try maximum to keep it low or best is to stay quite. While a person is angry, you do not filter your thoughts and words and say things that mostly are wrong and faulty so try to stay as quite as you can. After you become calm you should give an appropriate reaction to any situation you are countering. Here we are not preaching you cowardice but sensibility. You must react to situations when you are in full capacity to analyze it.

  1. Don’t hold grudges

We all are countering one or more issues at once in our lives, we cannot see the complete picture of what has created particular attitude in a person who might behave in an unwelcoming and rude manner with you. Handle the issue properly, and deal with it at once. Do not hold grudges for the day to day quarrels. Learn to forgive, and learn better ways to counter and handle situations. When you consider yourself a stronger person you should be flexible towards actions and reactions of the people around you.

  1. I can do it

Anger in some cases is triggered because of the passive and inferior feeling we generate within ourselves. The lack of confidence leads to frustration and anxiety. You must change the way you picture yourself in your mind. Always believe that you can do it, you can get over every situation. It is true that we might not be able to get successful in every situation but it will help you generate positivity and curb anger.


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