Tactics for losing weight in Ramadan

Tactics for losing weight in Ramadan

We ruin our health due to the unhealthy foods that we prepare in Ramadan. It can be said that oily food is mostly liked to fill the luggage of stomach hunger as a custom on opening Iftar. I think we should not follow this trend as it causes many health hazards. For this we need to modify our life style towards healthy living style. For this, in Pakistan a healthier and smarter lifestyle must be adopt for smarter Pakistan. Whereas we are neglecting our health in such circumstances. But we should be obliged to the world as it has access healthy options for the activities of Ramadan.

What we face crucial issues in the Holy month of Ramadan is weight which is mostly affecting or seen prominent in teenagers or youth. These fellows want to look perfect physically but for it which they have to balance food with their weight. Ramadan Karim is the perfect opportunity to lose weight as we are fasting the whole day. Hence, there are two ways of losing weight without we get fatigue during fasting and these are:

·        Light exercise regularly

·        Healthy food plan

Dietary schedule concern:

·        At iftar take two glasses of juice or water and four glasses between iftar and sehri and two more at sehri. Here you can add herbal teas and alternatives.

·        Your metabolism slows down in Ramadan and you don’t need any extra boosting energy therefor the meal at iftar must be normal. Eat according to your regular meal as you eat on daily base.

·        During iftar take dates as it is the perfect food for iftar and is a sunnah too. But do not take more than one date as dates have high contents of sugar.

·        Try to have boiled chickpea, fruit chaat as they are more healthy food instead of taking pakoras in meal. If you really want to lose weight and you are very concern to the meal then you can alternate white peas with the black chick peas as they are more energetic and will relish your craving without increasing your weight.

Exercise or workouts:

People have made so many folk stories about the exercise in Ramadan that it makes us weak but in actual who really want to lose extra calories then they should do some little exercise as it helps to burn extra calories or obesity. Some of the light weight exercise are as below:

·        Squads

·        Pushups

·        Walking or jogging

·        Backward lunge

Overall you can try each of them in a set of 10.

Your each workout should be half of the severity of your routine exercise, and you can practice them at the time like

·        Before sehri

·        Before aftari

·        After aftari

·        After taraweeh

So these are the tactics that would help you to maintain or balance your dietary plan like will shed your obesity and overweight. So go on for the tips and organize them in your in your fasting schedule.





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