Muhammad Ali

By: Gulraiz Falak

 No one is common; the condition is honest to do

The history of the earth is full of true legend stories. Everyone wants to engrave in it but some have a strong spirit to do more than its power. No one can provide the independence while you can give a title of glory to yourself and being independent of the others respectively. Since everyone is working hard for their benefits and their own relaxations for future. Someone is expanding his potency for the centuries of future and Muhammad Ali was the one of the near past who drilled his identity under the depth of history. Muhammad Ali believed in Do more while he just his notion of everyone’s eye. He faced many hard times because of racism but still determine on his feet.  

Don’t count the days, make the days count. 



Muhammad Ali was born as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., on January 17, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky. He belonged to an African-American family. His father was a painter and had two sons. Muhammad Ali was the eldest son and the younger son name was Rudy Cassius. He and his family faced many hurdles and critical problems when he was very young. He became the athlete, the boxer, and the champion. Muhammad Ali was even the Philanthropist and very generous for humanity. He recorded his name through three heavyweight titles. Though, Muhammad Ali was very sensitive while more aggressive about his life.

 At the age of twelve, he went to Columbia Auditorium to watch the Louisville home Show and lost his Cycle from parking. His friend was very depressed and Muhammad Ali was militant to search the thief but all struggles had in vain. He reported the crime to Joe Martin; who was the police officer. Ali shared his anger about the thief and said if he will catch the thief; he will ruin his face with a punch. Joe Martin had been laughed at him and said; at the very first you should be able to punch him. Joe Martin became a police officer but he was also the gym trainer for his own gym. Joe Martin saw his wild and craziness spirit with a lot of confidence and offered him to practice there. Muhammad Ali had joined a gym for a week and maintained himself with the discipline of training. Muhammad Ali started his morning with the distance running and contained much boast of boxing. He left smoking, alcohol and junk foods and only dependent on pure diet. He suggested himself a victor on his body.

Muhammad Ali converted to Islam and spent his whole life according to the rules of Islam. He was a true legend and had fought unending bouts against veteran boxers. His emotions were gripped many skills and had shaped a personality as a champion. The passion of boxing for the ring had been created a new possession of being a champion. He fought approximately 105 fights but unfortunately; he lost only five fights. He represented only the United States by his winnings and nullified the actual concept of his own racism. He exchanged his amateur boxing level to professional boxing while it was the best era to become an American hero. In 1960, he won the Olympic championship and became a celebrated world champion.

Like Ali said, I am an ordinary man who worked hard to develop the talent he was given.


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