Success Story of Dr. Amjad Saqib and Akhuwat

We live in a society where we start our days witnessing beggary at every road, traffic signal, market, and every other nook and corner but rarely anyone of us has pondered over the root causes of the prevailing situation. There are only a few people who are gifted with the capability of empathy. Dr. Amjad Saqib is one such gem.

Dr. Amjad Saqib, the founder of Pakistan’s leading and largest Philanthropic Organization completed his MBBS degree from the King Edward University, Lahore in 1982. As a talented and energetic young individual, he joined the Civil Services of Pakistan in 1985 in DMG department. He continued to give his expertise to the department until 2003. Dr.Amjad Saqib left the luxurious job due to resentment over the loan provisions of the department. He deemed it to be unfair and un-Islamic to provide loans on 20 percent interest rate. It was the moment he decided to change the course of history and laid the Foundation of Akhuwat.

2001 Dr. Amjad Saqib established the prestigious organization with merely 10,000/- Rupees. He founded the organization with help of Mr. Saleem Ranjha, Dr. Kamran Shams, Dr. Izhar Ul Haq, and Mr. Humayon Ehsan.  The idea of Interest-free Micro-finance program as Karz Hasana and benevolent loans quickly started to spread among the masses. It was the first initiative of this kind.

The Akhuwat was found on the idea of mutual development. The founder wanted to provide burden-free assistance to the people to establish the source of earning for themselves as the result eradicating the poverty from Pakistan. The first Micro-finance was provided to a woman to help her initiate a small scale business. Pakistanis across the world were inspired by the unique philanthropic approach of Akhuwat and generous donations were made for it. Just after 2 years in 2003, the donations had increased to 1.5 Million rupees.

The Idea of Akhuwat was much appreciated and it started to expand its horizon to the other unattended issue areas of Pakistan such as education. Dr. Amjad Saqib said, “If microcredit can be provided without interest, so can education be provided without charges”. Akhuwat developed institutes in Lahore and Faisalabad. The educational institutes encourage the research culture to empower the students.

Other projects of Akhuwat include Clothes Bank, which is aimed at providing respectful employment of the Transgender community of Pakistan. However, Khuwajasera Support program, health clinic and food band projects are also successfully running in Akhuwat to provide necessary support to the less privileged community of Pakistan.

The Non-governmental Organization is a perfect model of Islamic welfare Foundation. It is the ray to hope for the poverty-stricken people of Pakistan. Watch the amazing success story of how Dr. Amjad Saqib initiated the foundation in the interview with Career Karwan. 

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