Students role in communal society

Students role in communal society

A society is what in which a number of people live together following a religion, ethics of same virtue, traditions and moral activities. A community is formed when a society follows same rules. As there are several roles of a leader in a society, then there are also different roles that are played by each and every person living within that society.

Likewise, a nation is formed from yesterday and tomorrow students. Students, hence play a vital role as they are the mirror of society that shapes today and future generations. As we know that the formative period of student life is one of the crucial periods of their life. It is proved that it is one of the struggling and challenging phases of the life of a student in which, whatever they have sown later reaping result would get by them.

A person is called student when he peered with education. Education is the gateway from which the student is formed. It is the character building in students. Through the part of education, a student is capable of knowing the scenario around him/her, through which they re-built and re-design the ideas of getting involved and out of the scene.

Education in a society is run from every home. Later a child learned it from school and society and when it interacts another person they influence changings in their life.

When a student is treated with respect and responsibility, then they return it to the society with respect and responsibility. There they recognize that they have the acceptance of their work in society, where they face hardships of work rather than giving up for the better society.

 So many activities are found around, in which students are benefiting the society they are living in by founding their own non-profitable government organizations or unions.

·        Planting trees in universities, colleges, and school

·        Raising funds for orphanages

·        Providing books, clothes, and medications

·        Gathers proper food for poor

And much more ways in which they can maintain the level of humanity within the society, many students are working on this part so they can become a role model for the up growing students.

For the maintenance and importance of brotherhood, schools, colleges, and universities students should participate in such programs for the affected people.

Apart from services I have seen that the youth is too much involved in the arena of politics. They support their idol leader according to them but this can take worst kind of motivation and guidance too if they follow the wrong hierarchy.

Actually, students are the bridge between two generations and for this, they should extract the good from the bad and should implement the goodness for tomorrow. For this act, education should be equipped with better understanding despite classifying it as elementary. Here the curriculum activity should be framed signifying so they can learn the worth of their role in the society.

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