Students facing failure in exam

Students failure examining

You don’t achieve the marks or you mock out the examination? Definitely, there would be certain reasons of your dumb result. Instead of getting hard heart you should initialize it that why does it happens this to you. By giving a quick look on poor result we will discuss some of vary and vast reason are listed below, some are discussed before examination and other five are going to discuss on the day paper:

1.      Short attendance:

This one is considered as one the hectic responsible blunder for the failure in the examination. You shutter the school for some reason or may be for no reason that lead you towards the incompletion of the work.

2.      Bunking with fellows:

Now how you will conclude the situation by not taking interest in the studies or in the class. Bunking with fellows takes you away from the classroom materialistic approach of the class. So avoid having this kind of company.

3.      Completion of work:

When you’ll not attend the classes and bunk the class with your mates then it is obvious that your work would be incomplete and you will lose the marks by getting a red line marked on the result card.

4.      Not interested in studies:

When you are not interested in studies then obviously, you will not be capable of giving an exam.

5.      Laziness:

Sometimes this cause rarely takes place when the teacher show the unethical behavior according to his or her profession by saying some slang words that makes student correspondent to this word. Laziness leads you to stress during exams days which causes pressure upon you that how you will go through the all syllabus given for the subject.

Now I will tell you the opinions which will help you to out of such situations or what should you do in such situations.

·         As a student it is your duty to trust yourself because for such reason you are responsible for the carelessness of your absentees until of any severe reason.

·         Give time to your friends but when you are in the school or college, your parents send you to study so at least be faithful to your parents and yes do ask your friend too, to be lenient with themselves too.

·         When you are entered in college you are here to motivate your inner persona, so according to me your motivation is approved when you see a person from which you get positive vibes and I think you attract to their obsessional work they make sure you’re your work and their work matching or not by having a little interaction and a little chit chat you can ask them about any of the incompletion of work.

·         As I say above that everyone have an attraction of being interacted so make mind for studying try to focus on teachers words ask your teacher to help you out by taking extra time, discuss your issues and misunderstanding about the topic that’s it.

·         Laziness comes when you not encouraged up to what you are, have an eight hours of sleep, try to focus on the given lecture, sit attentively, show seriousness, then I think when you will catch up these points you will definitely cover the weakness you find in yourself that leads you to the failure in examination.




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