Student self-esteem relation with Academic Achievements

Student self-esteem relation with Academic Achievements

Student self-esteem is something that is a naturally occurring factor that exists through different routes that stray towards our path that the one is walking on it. It is, therefore, well said about self-esteem in the quote that, “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.

From the above quote, we can make up clear that we can make easy and affordable approach toward the achievement by the absorbance in the list of quality of a person.

Every mind and thinking power vary from person to person. Same like this we have seen that the students in the academic session vary from each other with different abilities, inventions, characteristics, behaviour, areas where they do live, their social and personal domain matters a lot when it comes to building the self-esteem of an individual.

Self-esteem and academics are two variables that are totally different in their character now how these two variables interdepend on each other will be discussed further in an article that will be elaborated.

Self-esteem is an important factor in everyone life because it has a power of protecting one own feeling and value. It is an underlying factor in promoting student motivation, persistence and success in academics. It is that character in a human quality that is constructed individually and socially. However, as self-esteem has become a measurement of self-worth, it still does not predict personal goals, nor performance accomplishment. The definition of self-esteem is difficult to fully encase because many students have a tendency to mark higher or lower scores depending on what they feel and what they are expected to record when answering their self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the variable that refers to your own self-respect that you have dinner for yourself, that is how much importance you give to your existence. If we consider self-confidence and self-esteem are proportional to each other than this is particularly convenient and right in many aspects. Because self-confidence is the package of personal abilities. Thus we can say that they play the role of vice-versa.

I have seen many students in Pakistan that when they are defamed over again and again about their personality and are discouraged over the attributes that lead them toward bad result in academics. Because in their mind there settle an ironic gipsy that won’t removes until they get a goose bump lecture and backup call from any other inspiring personality.

Studies also find out that when the student with low confidence leads towards negative expectations and negative vibes that which increases their anxiety high damaging them by letting them show less effort which causes failure in the life and academic achievements that make them blame themselves and trigger them towards low self-esteem.

The problems that occur within the student that eat them from inside like a disease are:

·       Low self-esteem leads towards depression

·       Sometimes towards medicines and drugs addiction

·       Make one vulnerable to attempt suicide

·       You become victim in the eyes of others

·        Then towards unemployment

But don’t get un-identified by the cause and symptoms because there are procurements and dispersal solutions for this disease just give it an eye and you will feel obliged by the tips below:

·       Prioritise you:

You just need to realise your importance to check your abilities in which you don’t have to underestimate yourself. Accomplish those tasks that you think you couldn’t attain in self. This will help to increase your confidence level and hope to try again if ever failed first.

·       Live balanced and happy lifestyle:

While living a balanced life brings physical and mental well-being. Eat healthy food. Take 6-8 hours of sleep, regularly. Do exercise and avoid bad and negative habits that can damage and proves a danger for your image and personality.

·       Develop behaviour of self-acceptance:

It means that every person in the world does have flaws in them or in their life. Happiness comes from us because we have the power to create it. We make happiness. It is not necessary that the person having money, beauty and every expensive luxury or living a healthy lifestyle is the best person or he doesn’t have a regret from life. They are interpreted over different circumstances which are in you belong to earth is in a different way. Try to accept the mistake and the things that are not in your hand and when it comes to you for sometimes let it stay for the time it is headed to you natural aspect. Don’t be materialistic toward things accept reality.

·       Be a revival:

The things that are not achieved by you in the first attempt give it a try if it is again not accomplished by you, don’t fed up give it a try again until you grab it to your inner satisfaction.

·       Help yourself from your passion:

First of all, discover your passion and work hard over the areas of your choice. Once the strategy would be developed the spaces in your esteem will be established soon as you get toward the craze of curriculum, you will beat the fear and will then get a chance to explore the resources that will help you to lead towards the high academic grades.

So from the above synopsis we can imitate our personality or can boost our personality by following such tips but after this, if we look in another aspect there is another barrier that is related to over-confidence that sometimes lead you towards the devastating stage, in short, that can ruin your personality.



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