Stay Healthy in Winters

Winter is not just around the corner but it is here now. The weather has surprised the public all around Pakistan. The abruptly changing weather gives a refreshing site to the people but it has brought floating virus and diseases with it. The variously changing temperature is the most favorable for the allergies and viruses such as influenza. We all need to take extra care to keep ourselves healthy and active.

  1. Drink Water

In winters we do not feel thirsty but our bodies require proper water supply to keep our body functioning properly. Do not stop having water in fear of cold.It is important to note hear that cold water is the worst choice for this weather. Drink water on room temperature as it will keep you healthy and hydrated.

  1. A warm cloth

In the day we do not feel the need of wearing warm clothes but it is must to be extra cautious for keeping yourself safe. If you cannot wear complete warm dress keep a jacket, sweater or a shawl in your bag when you get out from home. The evenings start getting cold so these warm clothes can come handy during hours of need.

  1. Hot Beverages

The hot beverages become the most common winters they not only keep you warm but they also help you staying active throughout the day. You can use the beverage of your own choice. Try to use more healthy drinks than only tea and coffee. The herbal tea and green tea can be included in your routine to avoid extra caffeine from tea and coffee. The golden milk is very beneficial healthy in winters especially. It is only milk and a pinch of turmeric which makes it look golden.

  1. The mask

Our morning have become blur and foggy. The clouds of fog you see outside is actually very harmful for you. The combination of dust, smoke and fog has created a new thing called smog. It is very harmful for your health as it triggers the viruses around you. it is also causing breathing problems and eye allergies to the people exposed to it for longer duration. To avoid smog hazards it is must that you wear a mask whenever you step outside.

  1. Nuts and Dry Fruits

Winter brings great variety of nuts and dry fruits. They will not only good for munching but they help you keeping warm and healthy. The nuts also helps the brain activity to keep going in its pace. So grab handful nuts and dry fruits every day.


The winters are a beautiful weather in Pakistan. The northern Pakistan gets covered with white snow giving it a magnificent look. The people of Pakistan enjoy winters the most. The colorful weather is here now but we must take extra care of ourselves to be able to enjoy it the most.


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