Special Measure for Special Students


The fabric of a nation cannot be completed without considering each and every religion, race, ethnicity, culture, color, and person. Currently, the women have come forward to ask for its share in this colorful fabric, the movements for the transgender community is a sign of development by itself but we all miss something, which is very special while calculating progress and development of Pakistan.  The people with special needs and abilities are often ignored and very less or nothing is asked for them. The special children are as much part of the country as any other citizen of Pakistan.

The Irony of Pakistan is that it teaches its students about great personalities like Stephen Hawking but fail to acknowledge the role of special children in their own country.  According to the census of 1998 over 3.28 million people have one or other disability. Now imagine if we take out these many people from the complete system how will our country move towards development.

The government is not the only stakeholder of this responsibility here but the families also do not prefer to let these children step out the doors of their houses out of fear or embarrassment. The parents are always very cautious of the safety of such children. This fear mostly prevents them from getting education. The outside world might be a dangerous place but we must prepare our children for every best and worst time of life. I remember while I was in university two of my class fellows were completely blind. Despite the inability to see their parents sent them to school and finally they were receiving higher education with all other students.

Our University had provided an opportunity to one student of each department to study abroad for one semester. Amazingly our blind fellow succeeded and went to the USA alone for one semester, she had an amazing experience when she came back and there was so much we later learnt from her. Now she is employed at a respected institution. Watching those two girls grow and groom my belief that every child deserves equal chances to get education became even stronger.

The government and educational institution must together spread the awareness about the need and importance of education of special children. In the developed countries the children with special needs are trained in a manner that they become self-reliant and a part of the overall development of the country.

Initially, the education of special children may seem hectic and difficult but it is best for the family and the children themselves so that they become able to manage to live by themselves. The ability of reading and writing would also keep them occupied and busy, saving them from frustrations and aggression.

The government and institutions must also make sure that the special students are safe and protected outside and inside the institutions. So I ask all the parents to become brave and make their children brave enough to fight their own battles. It is a very sensitive and complicated situation for the parents but we all must together pave the way for the development of special children.

They have all the right to sit with  us in every domain and sector. The lives of special children are as meaningful and important as any other child. Let's not confine them in the locked doors and houses. they are beautiful and talented people who must be provided with the right of education. Let's open the doors of education, progress, and development for them. 

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