Some valued sharing ideas for co-education and separate education

Some valued sharing ideas for co-education and separate education

Coeducation is the means of educating the children of two genders together at one place unit or classroom. Boys and girls are related to the close interaction with each other and get a chance to do friendship and to talk with each other. In some western and eastern countries, the perception of coeducation is considered as a normal activity.

Even some parents without giving it negative effects they consider it perfectly normal and may think it a chance for their children to understand the opposite gender well in time and prefer it as beneficial for future social life. In all American and European countries, the concept of co-education is found normal and they find nothing wrong with such concept. But as compared to Asian countries this topic worth as a hot topic of discussion, on the interception as a serious topic of concern; whether it may be avoided or it should be opted for.

There are still many stages in the field of education in which the coeducation is found one of them. But when it comes to the higher level of studies like medicines, business studies, engineering or software and hardware engineering professional studies coeducation answer on such stage. In Asian countries it is considered at this level that the students develops a line of goal with positive thoughts in their life and in such instant categorized set of stage coeducation is permitted, but still in several societies, it is taken as inappropriate way of study, due to which the girls suffer more in which they get deprived of Higher Education, if their parents find no isolated educational institution as option for their daughters as compared to boys.

If we consider beliefs, ethics, norms, beliefs and values in modesty and foppish innocence then education will be considered as undesirable. So here we need to change the school of thought by reviewing the global scenario.

Another concern that is shared on several forums that are coeducation does not provide any benefit except it provides a fertile forum for mixing up and going astray from the right path. Although to have coeducation; it is not a compulsion, separate schools can be set up each for boys and girls. It is more about those parents of girls who are very worried about their daughters. Considering from all social standards separate education is more appropriate if a specific society is more conscious of these issues.

If we go on a detailed discussion it will make useless arguments on the discussion. And we also do know that the free mixing of boys and girls in our society is seen with an eagle eye that is not desirable in many societies because it disrespects the religious and moral values if it is monitored not properly.  Here we need to form an environment with the mirror reflect cleared perception to keep this kind of immorality acts away while studying in coeducation. Though we just need here is to settle our mind by the use of broad mind and liberal acts by keeping the real meaning in our mind that not to destroy the social values through the misuse of coeducation.

Here the policymakers need to be aware of social values and impact of coeducation, by applying sensible system and rules to avoid any kind of an inconvenience but to maximise the impact of positive values.


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