So What will the War Bring?

by Farzeen Amin

The History of the world is covered with the conflicts and wars resulting in bloodshed, poverty, unemployment, chaos, famine, refugee’s crisis, displaced families and far stretching human loss and no conflict resolutions. It is very evident that wars never resolve the issues, in the end, the matters are always sorted in the tables. So what is this thirst for the bloodshed that states have for the war?

Pakistan and India have entered the race of nuclear weapons to become dominant over each other and the rivalry has never stopped after the independence of both states in 1947. The craze of the wars and the political advantage games has put Pakistan and India into two major wars of 1965 and 1971. Moreover, several military encounters have occurred in between, before and after these two major wars, including the Kashmir war of 1947 and Kargil war.

Now that an overview of the two wars is given can it be explained that what advantage we have received after several military conflagrations? The issue of Kashmir is still unresolved, the people of Kashmir are facing the genocide and worst Indian aggression even after the wars, the water crisis remains the same, the wars have not added anything in the revenue, no power production is generated with the wars, the border disputes are unresolved and further escalated. The poverty is not removed and the country has entered in the list of developed countries even after achieving the status of a nuclear state.

So what have the previous wars brought for Pakistan and India?

The other side of the border has almost the same or even worse picture which they must consider before chanting the slogans of war against Pakistan. Pakistan and India could have used the resources for the welfare and development of state rather than creating and collecting piles of the nuclear head. What sounds funny is the situation of people living in these two overwhelmed countries.  The ratio o the poverty in India and Pakistan is alarming and it will definitely increase with any adventure of military conflict.

Reportedly 243 million people are surviving under the poverty line in India however, the unofficial numbers are even more alarming with ranges the people under the poverty line to be more than 600 million. The situation of Poverty in Pakistan not anything e can be proud about as 50 Million is living under the poverty line. Two nuclear states who cannot feed their people with two meals a day are on the verge to spend millions of dollars for a military conflagration just to dominate over the other.

India is also underestimating Pakistan’s nuclear status as now no conventional war can be fought and if there will be a war it will be the nuclear one. We must not forget the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the impacts it has left for decades after killing millions of people.  The nuclear war will not only impact the people of Pakistan and India but it will also leave its gruesome effects on the complete globe.

The already ruptured Ozone layer may deplete more than 2/3 of it if the nuclear weapons are used which will burn the crops all over the world and the famine will become a common tragedy. The weather change on the other land will result in extreme heat all over the world resulting in the speedy melt of the glaciers and continuous flooding. The trade routes by the Indian Ocean will put into danger and the Asian region will face worst of the economic crisis.

The wars never bring prosperity but just so-called pride of being “victorious” which is celebrated and claimed by both India and Pakistan. Just for including a new chapter in our syllabus books we must not risk so many lives. At the end of the day, soldiers on both sides are also humans who have families, friends, and children. War will bring no good for us, Kashmir Conflict cannot be resolved in the battlefields as we have already tried and tested this approach and method. Let’s try something else and something new but on the tables where people talk rather than weapons. Let’s spread the message and use our resources for the betterment of Humankind at the whole

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