Simple Ways to Develop Self Confidence


By Farzeen Amin

In our education system great importance is given to the written assessments but in the practical arena being able to speak is as important as writing. The lack of self confidence is directly related to lack of self awareness. To develop confidence is must for a person to analyze his personal capabilities, strengths and weakness. Some people are gifted with a confidant personality but it is something that is mostly learnt throughout life. If you lack self confidence you can develop the it by following the simple steps.

  1. Be the Mirror for yourself

Your perception about yourself plays the most crucial role in developing your overall personality. If you imagine yourself as scared little person you will never be able to get out of your shell. Do not consider that you are only what you look like in the mirror, you a above and beyond that. Build a better reflection about yourself in your head. When you perceive yourself to be stronger and better it helps to curb your weakness and it slowly starts to formulate your personality exactly like what you perceive about it. So think of yourself as a bigger, brighter and smarter person.

  1. Time to face it

Fear is the most irrational thinking pattern that we follow. We get afraid of doing things that we have never tried before. We are not sure of the consequences thus we become fearful of what if it turns wrong. You cannot be a confident person if you are scared to do things. Start facing your fears.

Start with the small fears. Every day when you cross one milestone of fearyou will become more and more confident. Ask yourself what maximum can happen if you do certain thing. Enjoy the blood rush in your body and go for it. if you would be able to face the smaller fears eventually it will make you ready for the greater ones. So if you are scared of sharing your thoughts with people, try sharing it today, you will feel very confident after it.

  1.  Question your Inner critic

We have activated your inner critic so much that if keeps questioning your capabilities without any evidence. We start believing that we are a failure or we cannot do anything in our lives because of being criticized by own inner self. You must learn to give it a shut up call. Plan on doing something and if you feel that you cannot ask yourself ‘Why’. Create acounter argument of the issue raised in you. I am sure that all of you are capable of turning your dreams into reality but you must learn to fight with your inner negativity. If you feel you cannot , challenge yourself and put your hardest efforts to prove your inner critic as irrational and wrong.

  1. Be the Winner

Stop whining about every time you lost it rather start winning. It is one of the best feelings of the world when you win at something. Make a list of small tasks at first, the simpler ones. When you achieve your first task celebrate it. Make another list and title it as ‘Did it’. The increase in the list will boost your confidence. The small success will lead the way towards bigger winning in the life. Always see yourself as the winner.

  1. No means No

Learn to set boundaries; do to let anyone exploit you. Do not be scared of the consequences of saying no. face it bravely. To say ‘NO’ is one of the most difficult thing. You must ask yourself to get unbreakable boundaries where you stand for yourself. It will be difficult for one or two times afterwards you will start enjoying your boundaries. Saying no gives you the authority to lead your life hence developing y confidence in yourself.

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