Shall I Do an Unpaid Internship?

The job market is highly competitive and in this race of competition, the employers want the best team to run their companies. A fresh graduate with no experience on the resume gets it hard to get the job he desires. The solution is an internship which allows you to learn a lot. But the question is, whether one should go for an “unpaid” internship or wait for a paid job. The answer is; go for it. 
If the opportunity is there, do not miss it as you’re not (probably) going to get a job as soon as you graduate. Utilize the time and get your hands a bit dirty. 
Here are the reasons why you should do an internship. 
The Field Knowledge
Every field requires its own set of skills and abilities. When you’re into a particular industry, there are strong opportunities to observe the industry closely. This observation and study helps to realize the internee the future challenges which are on the way to a dream job. This industry study also allows to prepare for future interviews that what kind of questions and demands are to be fulfilled. The field experience will also allow you to determine whether you’re in the right industry or not.
You Become Familiar
Once you’re into the industry or some particular company, you make your comfort level with the employer and other employees. There are chances that instead of hiring a new person for a particular job, the employer offer you a full time job because of this familiarity. 
Developing Professional Skills
Universities offer you theory or lab practical which is there just on a paper. When you do an internship, you get a chance to polish your skills and find yourself. Industry experience allows you to groom your skills and be a professional man. 
You Get the Potential for Your Next Job
Yeah! Having some knowledge of the industry and interview experience is far better and useful than going for an interview with a blank face and mind. It is easier to impress the interviewer on an interview and answer the questions up to the mark. SO you can assure your employer that you can do this job because you have the experience you gained from your internship. 
You May Get a Full Time Job
You have time to prove yourself as a competent and hardworking internee and change your status from an internee to an employee. Once the firm is happy and satisfied with your abilities and skills, it may offer you to work for them permanently.
Making Contacts
The internship offers you to develop your professional contact list. It is quite vital because the professional people of same field in which you want to work could prove helpful. You can get career advice as well as job suggestions. 
Developing Confidence
Sitting in a classroom quietly and having no circle results into lack of confidence which can be lethal in your career. An internship allows you to work in a corporate culture and interact with different people. Developing skills in itself is a way of gaining confidence because now you know that you have something to offer. 
Internship (paid or unpaid) is quite useful and vibrant because it is the first step towards your career and success. Do not waste your time looking for a paid work because an unpaid internship in your desired industry is far better than wasting time and not coming out of your comfort zone. 

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