Secrets of Success

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."


-- Winston S. Churchill

We share the success stories with the students to motivate them to work harder to reach the goal of their life.  All the stories that we share have some common attributes that lead into building a huge success and fame. We will see the characters that have helped our leaders and mentors to reach at this height of success and how it can also help you to achieve your ambition of life.

  1. Dream Big

Our academic institutions teach us to be become capable to step into a competitive practical world where as it cannot put dreams in your eyes neither can it force you to build a goal. In the race life and getting rice what we have left behind is the one dream that all of us have or at least had when we were younger and more zealous.

The success stories we read are all based on an idea, an ambition and a dream that our leaders followed throughout their lives to reach there. So relearn the dream you once had or start believing in the dreams you have. It is said that we should always dream big, because big dreams lead your way towards a big success and even bigger story. If you have a dream follow it, if your are following it sooner or later you will become successful.

  1. Believe in Yourself:

Every scientist was called a lunatic, every leader was once called a liar, every successful person was once doubted by the people around them but what kept them strong is the belief they had in themselves. Thomas Edison would never have been able to invent a light bulb if he didn’t believe in himself. Pakistan would not have been established if Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah did not have belief in his capabilities.

As a young student you have to stop looking at yourself as what others tell you, you are what you picture about yourself in your head. You must be aware of your capabilities. Here we are not asking you to become over confident but to development confidence in what you are and the way you are. You need to start telling yourself that “Yes You Can”. When you have faith in yourself the fear of failure disappears from your heart and you learn to take valuable risks to reach the motive and dream of your life.

  1. Learn the meaning of Success

In the contemporary era when we ask what is success? The most likely answer is to become financially stable and rich. The success although is not so limited, it is a great word with greater horizon and scope. The most successful people had never started their lives to become rich but success so increase your mental horizon of the world successful.

The goals of your life can always be larger and better than getting rich. Remember that money is very important but it can never satisfy you in life if you run after it leaving everything behind. So learn better to earn better.

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