Searching a job? Here are top companies in Pakistan

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is responsible for regulating companies’ matters in Pakistan. The Stock Exchange plays a vital role in evaluating companies as well as their progress over the years.

Here are top ten companies in Pakistan on the basis of profitability, free-float of shares, turnover of share, best capital efficiency, corporate social responsibilities and transparency.

Fauji Fertilizer

Incorporated as a private limited company in 1978, Fauji Fertilizer is one of the leading fertilizer companies of Pakistan. The company has traveled too far as its initial share capital was just 813.9 million rupees which is 8.48 billion today. A huge share of 60%, of the urea manufacturing and marketing is under the control of Fauji Fertilizer.

Millat Tractors

The very name of the company gives chills across the spine because the company is purely Pakistani and the word “Millat” is translated as “nation” in English. The company started business after the introduction of “Messy Ferguson” in the country back in 1964. This company was nationalized in the past and now it is providing tractors in Pakistan on the behalf of “Pakistan Tractor Corporation”. Millat Tractors received the award of “Corporate Excellence Award of Management Association of Pakistan” and the “Top Companies Award of Karachi Stock Exchange” for numerous times.

Pakistan Oilfields

Pakistan Oilfields is an independent oil discovery and consortium company in Pakistan, free from Pakistan State Oil. Pakistan Oilfields is one of the leading oil and gas exploration and production companies enlisted in Pakistan Stock Exchange (formerly kown as Karachi Stock Exchange).

Archroma Pakistan

Occupied by the field of sales and marketing of paper, textile, adhesives, construction and coatings industries, Archroma Pakistan is a prominent dyes and chemical company of the country. It is a multinational company working in Pakistan with its prime location in Karachi. Other locations of the company are Jamshoro and Lahore.

Pakistan International Container Terminal

It is a public listed company of Pakistan located in the port-city of the country, Karachi. It is a modern container terminal which is operating in Pakistan. Pakistan International Container Terminal is engaged in the exclusive construction, development, operations, and management of common user container terminal at the Karachi Port.

Bata Pakistan

Located in the provincial capital city of Punjab, Lahore, Bata Pakistan is the official manufacturing and marketing products of Bata in the country. It is one of the oldest companies working in the country as it started working in 1951. Initially, it was Bata Shoe Company which was changed into Bata Pakistan Limited, later on. Currently, Bata has four hundred retail outlets, 467 registered wholesale dealers, 13 wholesale depots, 28 wholesale distributors and 41 DSP wholesale franchises across the country.


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