Scholarships in United Kingdom for Pakistani Students


United Kingdom is one of the oldest civilizations. It is also known as the Great Britain because of its glorified history. UK is one of the largest and most spread empires which had colonies in mostly every part and continent of the world, the territories of Britain Empire were stretched from Europe to Africa and Asia. Pakistan being the part of sub continent was also part of the colonies of United Kingdom

The country has a very long history and unique culture which has become the standard for ethics and manners for many states. The country is hub of the most famous universities of the world such as Cambridge and Oxford University. The education from British institutions is considered as most authentic and latest. The technological advancement in United Kingdom has also contributed in the highly accepted and used standards of education.  Multiple schools and colleges in the whole world use the techniques and courses studied and suggested by the institutions of United Kingdom. The O and A levels in Pakistan are one example of the adaptation of British education system

Scholarships for Pakistani Students

The United Kingdom has decolonized but it has always kept a special place for the past colonies of Britain. All the states which were once part of Britain Empire are commonly termed as the common wealth states. Pakistan is one of the common wealth states. United Kingdom offers multiple scholarships every year for Pakistani students. The Scholarships are offered for different levels of education such as under graduate scholarships, Post Graduate Scholarships and post doctorate scholarships.

The United Kingdom has a vast diversity in the approaches and subject fields to offer the students from all the corners of the world. The scholarships include the scholarships for doctor, engineers, pharmacists, scientists, historians, journalists etc.

Pakistani students must avail every possible chance for attaining British scholarships; the scholarship can be complete and partial in nature. It also introduces scholarships for short programs, one year diploma and complete degree programs. The British council arranges workshops and seminars to spread awareness about their scholarship programs as well.

It is must to take English Language Test for being Eligible for the scholarships programs of United Kingdom. The type of the test can vary from course to course and institute to institute. Most commonly ILETS is compulsory for the Eligibility. The British council of Pakistan also gives preparation classes for the IELTS examination.

By acquiring UK scholarships students not only get a chance to study in the esteemed institution but also learn from the exposure of country which is rich in cultural heritage. The degrees from renowned universities of United Kingdom are of great importance in Pakistan and around the world


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