Say “No” to protocol and VIP culture in Pakistan

Say “No” to protocol and VIP culture in Pakistan

Looking around the rush and then moving towards the rampant condition of VIP culture and Protocol which cease your patience when you are being stopped on the road for minutes and hours on the traffic signal by the wardens and police to let the rolling lush and luxurious car pass ruling the road.

Passing through such conditions let you think that what value you worth holding the same citizenship. Let it go, think about the patient in the ambulance fighting in between the life is also ceased in the stopped ambulance in the middle of the road just because the so called landlords, bureaucrats, ministers and so unrealistic official bodies need to pass by letting the people to hush-hush in the road being speechless and helpless.

We all know that the story line of every individual is different from one another. Some are granted with the better story life lines. On another hand, we get curious when our car is stopped by the police officer being obsessional asking the question what did I do? What was my fault? Did I overtake wrongly? Or sometimes was I out of the speed limit? These question just make up a non-synthesizing map in our mind with the curiosity of knowing the answers.

As the police warden tell you about your mistake you start intimating them with your charming personality making them impressive with your privileged of class. You also feel pertinent by informing the official that you are a lawyer, or a doctor, or an engineer or may be a son of a minister.

In a meaningful sense I want to say that in some aspects we all are the victims and participants of the VIP culture.

Thus the van of school, ambulance, low-waged Suzuki can be categorized in performing the duties which are important in many means can be said as performing the function with possible attributes.

But when the upper-middle class person who use social way to negotiate his traffic fine on the way towards airport is oppressed when his flight is delayed.

Here’s the moment to notice that we all are the spouse of a system where we all took the privilege of power that is in our hand, which is not the good command of accommodation.

We all should assume that this VIP and Protocol culture is the consequence production of inequality at the social, economic and political system at each step.

Therefore, if VIP culture cannot be ended up then it should be trimmed down. Yet we cannot deny that existence of these factors plays a vital role in some co-existence of our materialistic behavior. Whereas the society of Pakistan is structured on the basis of class levels. We as a nation are contributing on the level of roles of classes such elite, the upper class, the middle class and the lower class who are playing their role on their presence of their class difference.

The VIP culture is no doubt is a weed and is rooted very tightly in our society so to remove it we need to pull it off from the roots. We should have an amendments, rules, and law on such bombarding culture.

For instance, reason VIP should be endured I rely upon this statement when I come across many accidents taken place like Amjad Sabri (Naat khwa and Qawal) was killed with brutality in his car as he was having no security or protocol with him. So the renowned personality should have some of the leverage but it should affirm that it won’t hurt the pedestrian and social lifestyle of economical people in cars on the road while making them bearable and paralyzing the social lives by blocking the roads.

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