Sadiq Khan; Achievement has no ethnicity

'Actually, I'm very comfortable being a Brit, being a Muslim, being a Londoner'

There is no discrimination in success, every soul can achieve popularity. Every person can taste the fruits of success but the path of discrimination makes it nearly impossible for the minorities to gain these fruits. Such a figure Sadiq Aman Khan broke through the shackles of minorities and grabbed success by its neck. He presents a great example of achievement that has no color and background isn’t a barrier to make something of your life.

Sadiq Khan was born on 8th October 1970 in Tooting, South London to a working-class Pakistani family. He was the son of an immigrant bus driver but he proved to the society that classes created by people do not matter when hard work is being planted in a person’s DNA, success becomes reachable. Sadiq Khan took his initial steps towards success as human rights solicitor at a young age. Moreover, his sight was fixed at becoming a dentist but he was convinced by his Law teacher to pursue his career in Law.

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As his career boosted he became a counselor for the London Borough of Wandsworth from 1994 to 2006 and in 2008, Sadiq was appointed Minister of State for Communities, under the Labour government of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Later, he became Minister of State for Transportation and served in Milliband’s Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Secretary State for Justice, and Shadow Minister for London. After that, he was elected Mayor of London in May 2016 mayoral election.Sadiq Khan was not born with a silver spoon but through his determination in achieving goals, he created his own expression of a silver spoon.

Furthermore, his election pledge was to find solutions for complex social problems such as housing crises etc. As the flame grew of his political career he acquired a lot of reputation and he earned a grand total of £647,406 as an MP. In addition, as Mayor of London, he is set to draw an annual salary of £143,911. Sadiq Khan Member of the Labour Part engraved his name on the pages of history after being elected as the first Muslim Mayor of London.

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Accomplishing this journey of Mayor, Khan faced hurdles like in narrow childhood and has persevered hard to reach such a position he is at now. Khan persuades people that he fights for inequality in the capital. Mr. Khan raised as a Muslim and has never shied away from admitting the significance of his faith. His dedication made him stronger enough to tackle the inequality in the capital. Sadiq Khan’s takes religious sayings as his top priority as one he spoke about his father who taught him Mohammed's sayings, or hadiths in particular, the principle that "if one sees something wrong, one has the duty to try to change it". This inspirational saying made him refined his position and his family status in order to left behind the racist’s taunts andracist abuse he and his brothers faced at Wimbledon and Chelsea football matches

Although he lived and prospered freely from all those prejudices made from the people around him.Through his mayoral victory and enthuses plans power based the minds of individuals around the globe. He surely held over his succession in term of Pakistan, as he utters, "Pakistanis are Pakistan’s greatest assets," these words by Khan demonstrate him as a great honor for the nation. As being raised in London the thinking and patriotic ideas led him as an asset to Pakistan.


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