Rules to break while searching for a job

Hunt for a job begin when a graduate takes first step out of his university however the competition today is tougher than the one in the past. The current job market introduces new challenges every day. In the era followed severe economic crises new jobs are almost nonexistent and the one which are present are hunted by millions at a time. The internet has emerged as brand new platform of searching a job which has changed whole job search game overnight.

With the changing patterns of the job search market the job seekers are required to break some rules which has been followed by the people for years as that time has flown away and the method of job hunt has changed over the time.

The first and foremost rule is to never assume yourself not qualified enough for the job, the idea may seems counterintuitive as the job postings contain a long lists of requirements and qualification but just because you may not meet them does not mean that you should not apply for the job.

Because it is not the requirements and qualification written on a paper which decides your future it’s you and your abilities that attract the recruiters towards you while hiring. A recruiter while taking first interview for hiring pay very less attention to the resume presented to him as his priority is to see the personality and professionalism of a person sitting in front of him interviewing for a job.

 The next step which is required to be broken is stopping oneself from looking for a job when you are hired once. We often locks ourselves working in one place forever which does not just rot our abilities but also cease us to look for further opportunities.

The idea used to work in the time of the generations of our fathers and grandfathers where having a term employment in a company used to have its own perks which used to be mainly of financial nature but even those people regret not trying looking for another job and locking the doors of opportunities on themselves.

The generation of parents' and grandparents' generations who stayed at one company for their entire careers and retired received a great pension and it made sense made however the idea is not very much beneficial in today’s job market in which this level of stability is not always  guaranteed.

Person who stays on one job forever loses the opportunities of development and the one who switches jobs after every five to six years gets an opportunity sharpen his skills and also saves himself for living a static monotonous way of life.

According to research made by Forbes, a business magazine in USA it was estimated that employees who work at a company for longer than two years will make 50% less than those who switches jobs in the career of a lifetime.

It makes sense because if a person stays at one company forever he is likely to get a raise of 2-3% each year but if he switches companies, he will have an opportunity to negotiate his salary from scratch and have an opportunity of having twenty five to fifty percent increases in a previous salary.

The above mentioned reasons create a great reason to never stop looking for a job. And, it no longer gives companies the incentive to invest heavily in their existing employees. By thinking of yourself as a small business, you will continue to invest in you and grow your own value -- regardless of who signs your paycheck.

The next rule which is required to be break is applying for a job in a manner required by the recruiter as many companies these day publish an ad of applying online while in reality very less attention is given to the applications sent online they often hire people they know personally or search among the friends or friends of friends so instead of applying for a job online one should submit the resume by walking in to the company hiring.

Going by the rules is one conventional way of achieving things however the current time requires one to break the rules, free himself from the chains and limits, create his own opportunities and make his own career.

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