Responsibilities of Student representation (SR), a Mentor

Responsibilities of Student representation (SR), a Mentor

The free student union is an association within an educational institution which rules like a government body in an organization. This union council works within an organization and be chosen for their qualities. There is a free election campaign, which runs for days in which different students participate as an elector. Later the responsibilities will be ruled and influenced by the win student’s union council.

There are separate positions for the students which are designed by the council of the college. For example president, vice president, chief to president, assistant to chief and different categorized designation authorized by the college administration. On the day of election the most responsible candidate selected as a president, based on the number of votes by other students in college or school where president of union society of college took oath to be faithful to their responsibilities.

SR’s Responsibilities:

·        As a mentor the candidate must be regular and as a positive person, who can maintain responsibilities very decently.

·        He should collaborate with the students to organize any event.

·        He should do a team work.

·        Ask for satisfaction of work from other team leaders.

·        He should act and serve as liaison between students and administration.

·        He should bring issues to administration meetings for solving.

·        He should ask for different advices from the other leaders in the union of students for implementation in solving issues of college.

·        He should be representative that is well-equipped with personality, good listener and friendly, has firm control over short temper, not objectionable.


    They must me regular in attendance and should not prohibit the lecture.


    It’s their duty now to raise the voice of students.


   Merged or gathered feedback from students must be his first priority to put in meetings with administration and should support college administration to convey their message to students.

Is student representative nails importunacy?

    Taking my opinion at determinate level, I would like considering the answer in “Yes” manner because of certain reasons:

·        Authorities become to know that what’s going in the college criteria.

·        Fake rumors promotions could be trace out.

·        Stereotyping fights between groups can be warned by authorities.

·        They can also be an attendance ambassador.

·        A motivational speech by the authorities could be given by the SR’s as students consider them mentors.

 So, in this way they can be peers of student who can strengthen and motivate them through their voice heard. In some ways, the council of students represents the image of college at national colleges’ competition and produce image of their institute.








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