Reasons to order in Ramadan than to cook at home

Reasons to order in Ramadan than to cook at home

Ah! We are on the savage of food in the holy month of Ramadan and no doubt much hopeful to deduct the calories that we inhale through the food. What’s the tycoon of food at the “Dastarkhwan” or “Iftaar” table? The mouthwatering food that you can’t resist by, while ‘Iftaari’ is one the auspicious zeal after a long fasting routine day. While you need to grump all the canes of bottles just to fill the empty tummy and after that you want to remove your hunger and trust me that is the time one need to behave tolerance towards its stomach.

As we all know that the Ramadan 2017 are the hottest Ramadan ever in the history but still Muslims are vulnerable to celebrate it with their best possible ethics. But being honest the heat wave and its outrages have affected our lives while leaving us with little amount of energy to look after the kitchen and the preparation of eid.

So by accommodating this stuff in our mind, I think the below list of things would be found helpful for you in the month of Ramadan. Some are listed below enduring everyone’s why:

·       As you won’t need to sweat the bucket of perspiration in such outrageous heat in the kitchen. Because with the tilt of rising temperature every day, makes a tough routine to work in the kitchen.

·       You will have more time to relax besides praying you could sleep enormously and without any iftaar fatigue preparation in such hotness in kitchen as you just need to order the eatables from outside. Another thing is that you will have a peace sleep as nothing camouflages hunger can repent as sleeping does.

·       Cooking in candle light dinner is not acceptable while eating in candle light is somehow acceptable. So there would be a straight NO from my side if would have to prepare a delicious Sehri in Karachi as there is no electricity outrage at most of the time.

·       Shuffling the iftaari preparation with outside orders will make you and your mother chef in a good mood as break from the kitchen is considered as one of the good mood therapy.

·       You can go on your Eid shopping as a tension free mind without letting the worry of making iftaar aside. As more time is needed to select the suit of Eid for yourself to ensure your chore desire for the ‘Eid Jora’

·       As kitchen heat withers you skin so you can save your glowing skin for the Eid.

·       Better to order hard stuffs like ‘samosas, kachori and daahi bhalay’ and all the frying stuff from outside if you are throwing an iftaar party to your friends and family.

·       You don’t need to skip a single episode of your favorite show in Ramadan and it won’t get interrupted if you will order from outside.

·       You can also get rid of endless grocery list during Ramadan including that what your mother asked for bringing the thing as ‘podina and dhaniya’.

·       As you can also enjoy the food that is delivered through food panda as they are offering good deals in the Ramadan month so can order perfect food online on food panda according to your dooling stomach.


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